Types of Stylish Women’s High Heels to Have in Closet   

Heels are a woman’s best friend. Without the proper pair of High heels, your shoe collection can never be complete. Well, it won’t be wrong if we say that wearing heels does improve your personality and give you a more assured appearance.

High Heels enhance the appearance of your attire whether you are going to a daytime business event or an evening party. There are many online shoe stores that offer beautifully crafted heels for women that will make you look stunning at a particular event.  

Stunning Detailing to Enhance the look of the Sandals 

Intricate details like zardozi and aari work, bead and mirror embroidery, floral accents, and more can be seen in the high heels. These hand-embroidered, double-cushioned heels are best worn for special events like weddings. Also, these fashionable high heels for women are just what you need if you want to add a splash of colour to your regular attire.

For instance, wearing Punjabi jutti heels with jeans and a girly blouse will make you stand out from the crowd. Similar to this, kolha block and wedge heels can significantly improve your fusion or casual ethnic suit ensemble. So even though these heels have elaborate embellishments, you may still wear them every day. 

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Popular Types of Heels for Women 

The following are some of the popular women’s heel designs. You can combine these traditional and contemporary trends and add a dash of sophistication to your attire: 

High Heels 

High heels will complement practically every outfit you wear. These heels come in a variety of pastel and colourful colours, making you stand out at any event. These heels are unbelievably comfortable and are suitable for extended wear. These heels are wonderful and practical, making them ideal for the glamorous style. These are accented with chain-detailing and made from a variety of materials like tweed, raffia and jute. These are the heels you can put on if you have a party to go to after work. 

Kolha Block Heels 

Kolha high heels are suggested for semi-formal or fusion attire. The kolha heels can easily enhance your appearance, whether you are wearing palazzo sets or a kaftan. Take your pick from the selection of colours and highly decorated kolha heels. These heels are incredibly comfortable as well as fun and festive.  

Sandal high Heels 

You can also invest in sandal heels which are incredibly amazing and will elevate your appearance. These heels for women look great with gowns and are also great for festive occasions. 

Blocky Fizzling Heels 

The Fizzlet block heels are stylish and monochromatic. They are a pair you can wear with dresses and jeans for casual ensembles.  

Wedge Sandals 

You can choose the incredibly comfy wedge heels for any occasion. These heels for women are comfortable to wear for a few hours at a time, and the wedges go well with practically every outfit you own.  

Mule Heels 

Mule heels are stylish, come in a rainbow of colours, point at the toe, and have modern, universally appealing designs. These heels are appropriate for both social events and business meetings. 

Strappy Heels 

These women’s strap heels are pretty much the life of the party because they have so many straps. If you have an occasion to attend, these strappy heels for women are perfect for you. You can elevate your appearance by wearing them with casual attire.  

Explore the Newest women’s shoe Collection 

Fizzy Goblet offers you a colourful selection of designer heels that are not only stunning, timeless, and sophisticated but also quite comfortable to walk in. You may get a broad selection of heels from this store that come in a variety of styles, colours, and designs. It is a one-stop shop for all types of heels for women, carrying block heels, wedge heels, and platform heels. Every pair of heels is strong and designed to survive for longer durations thanks to their distinctive craftsmanship and skilled crew. In addition to focusing on quality, they go above and above while crafting high heels for women.  

Designer Sandals For A Glamorous Appearance  

With the classiest and most up-to-date heels in gorgeous colours, you may enhance a festive look or an everyday outfit as well. These sandals for women are a fantastic match for different types of appearances because they are rooted in ethnicity but made with contemporary patterns. With traditional Indian, Indo-western, Western, formal, or semi-formal clothes, these heels look fantastic. Good-looking heels for women are one thing, but comfortable women’s heels are quite another. With this in mind, the team has paid close attention to comfort and practicality when creating each and every pair of designer high heels for ladies.  

So check out the selection of womens’ heels if you are looking for a pair of women’s heels that are both cosy and stylish. You will probably have more than one favourite pair, we bet! 

Why Fizzy Goblet? 

Fizzy Goblet is an Indian company that creates unique shoes and accessories. It is a young, silly, and free-spirited brand. By giving ancient Indian crafts a modern spin, they gradually transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary ones. The aim is to deliver you collections that are equal parts timeless and cutting-edge. Each item has been carefully and thoughtfully made to always be cosy, adaptable, and stylish.

There are classy as well as casual-occasion heels for women available, and block and sandal heels are available for zodiac fashionistas.  Payal Singhal and Rahul Mishra collaborated on the creation of unique heels. These designer heels are gorgeous and elegant, and celebrities love them too.


These heels are made to improve your appearance, and you can wear them with practically any attire, including suits, sarees, or jeans. Each type of heel they produce, including jutti heels, mule heels, sandal heels, kolha heels, and block heels, is cushioned twice for comfort. These sandals are exquisitely embellished with mukaish, zardozi, beads, and mirror-work by professional karigars to add an element of dazzle to these sandals.  

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