Why My Netgear Router Won’t Stay Connected to Internet?

Why My Netgear Router Won’t Stay Connected to Internet?

If someone says Netgear WiFi router, then we listen whole home WiFi coverage. With that said, a lot of people can be seen accessing the routerlogin.net setup URL to set up and manage a Netgear WiFi router network. But, it seems that you are experiencing a problem using the internet connection via a Netgear router. What happened? Your Netgear router won’t stay connected to the internet? We can help you with that. All you have to do is have a quick check on all the factors responsible for the internet connection. Let’s get started.

Checking Internet-Related Factors of Netgear Router

The Ethernet Cable: The Ethernet cable connected to the Netgear router plays a prominent role when it comes to delivering a speedy internet connection. This is for your general information that the modem serves as an internet source for the router. Therefore, the other end of the Ethernet cable goes into the modem’s LAN port. The cable you’ve used to connected devices needs to be free of damage. Just in case it is found damaged, you are suggested to use a new one in its place. Also, you need to be very sure that the connections created by you are finger-tight.

The Internet Connection from ISP: Not always the LAN cable connection, but the Internet bandwidth you are getting from your Internet Service Provider also matters. You need to be very sure about the fact that your ISP is providing you with the bandwidths you are paying bills for. Otherwise, there will be chaos. To make things easy, have a word with your internet service provider and make things very clear. There should be no problems from his end.

Are all the internet-related factors perfect? Well, that is good. But, this takes us to another level of troubleshooting the problem. It is because some other reasons might not be allowing your Netgear router to stay connected to the internet. To know about them, move ahead to the next section.

Resolutions: Netgear Router Won’t Stay Connected

Check for Signal Interference: Are you sure that your WiFi router is able to propagate its signals freely? Well, we have a doubt. Let’s check along with you. Have a precise look at the objects and devices surrounding your Netgear router. Are they capable of emitting EM waves? If yes, then it can be concluded that the WiFi signals of your router are not able to move freely. Instead, a major proportion of them is getting diverted. We also advise you check for the presence of reflexive surfaces as they can mess up the signals. You should keep your router away from metal objects and objects that contain a large amount of water.

Update the Firmware: Sometimes, the Netgear router starts behaving weirdly when it is demanding a firmware update. Perhaps, your router is not getting connected to the internet for longer periods because its firmware has become outdated. But, you already know the solution! Yes, update your Netgear router right away. For this, we suggest you to take the help of the Nighthawk app as it provides an easy-to-use interface to manage the Netgear router. From there, you can update the router’s firmware just by tapping the tile named “Firmware Update” and following a few on-screen prompts.

The aforementioned solutions corresponded to the situation where the Netgear router was not staying connected to the internet. But, there can be times when the devices connected to the router face issues. What to do in that scenario? We’ve mentioned the same in the upcoming section of the write-up.

What If Netgear Router WiFi Clients Won’t Stay Connected?

Reduce Network Load: Heavy traffic on the WiFi router is the common reason why devices connected to the router won’t stay connected to the internet. To resolve the problem, it is advised that you disconnect a few devices from the network of the router. Plus, we suggest you cut off WiFi leeches via the MAC address filtering feature.

Restart the Router: Restarting the router is another hack that can be opted for if you’re facing issues with the connected clients. This will provide your router with enough time to revive its performance.

To Sum Up

From the above discussion, it can be clearly said that Netgear router won’t stay connected to the internet when the internet is down or the firmware of the router becomes outdated. Given that, it is anticipated that you will be able to implement the relevant fix to get the issue resolved.


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