Why Can’t I Connect to Rockspace_ext?

Why Can’t I Connect to Rockspace_ext?

Struggling to connect to your Rockspace WiFi extender network using its SSID Rockspace_ext? This problem is a common one. Many users have reported similar issues. But the good news is that resolving it is possible. You do not have to be tech-savvy to try your hands on the hacks that we will provide you with. This piece of write up comprises the best possible hacks that will assist you in getting rid of the issue of not getting connected to the extender WiFi network. Read on.

Can’t Connect to Rockspace Extender SSID: Fixed

1. Try Making a Wired Connection

There is a possibility that you can not connect to the extender’s network but if you are making a wired connection, then you can connect to the internet. So, fetch an Ethernet cable and make the connection between the extender and the computer or laptop to see if it works. There will be two scenarios here. One is that the wired connection is also not happening but there is an issue with the wireless connection. The second one is that the wired connection is also not possible.
Let us help you resolve the issue further considering both of these scenarios.

2. Check the Internet Connection

A shaky internet connection is responsible for the issue that you are facing right now. Two things are responsible for a poor internet connection. One is the poor connection between the extender and router. You should see the way these devices are connected. If it is a wired connection then examine the cable in use. Also, check the ports in use. None of it should be damaged. Get the damaged part fixed right away.
In the event of a wireless connection, make sure that the extender is placed within range of the router. Shift the devices if the distance is more and then try to connect to the extender’s network.

3. Reduce Interference

You can not connect to the Rockspace extender’s SSID could be if there is signal interference. You need to work to resolve this problem now. Check if there are other networking or electrical devices like Bluetooth speakers, cordless phone, smart TV, microwave oven, etc close to the extender. Moving the WiFi extender away from any such device will be helpful to reduce the signal interference and thus you can then connect to its WiFi network.

4. Update the Firmware

If you can connect to the extender’s network via an Ethernet connection, then update the firmware on your extender now. You can log in to the extender’s admin panel using re.rockspace.local. After that, go to settings and check for firmware updates. If the updates are pending, then go ahead and without wasting any further minutes get your device updated right away.

5. Check Power Supply

A poor power supply to either the extender or the router can also be a reason. If the extender is not getting powered up properly, then you won’t be able to use its internet. Check the same and make the required changes such that the power supply to the devices is stable. You can opt for a UPS to make this sure.

6. Power Cycle the Network

If updating the firmware also could not help you fix the connection problem then power cycle the whole network. This works wonders to fix many issues with the technical devices. So, to power cycle your home network, power down the Rockspace wireless extender as well as the host router. Thereafter, unplug the power cables. Remove the Ethernet cable also. Wait for some time.
Insert the cables once again. Ensure making secure and firm connections. Plug in the power cables and switch on the devices. Try connecting to the extender’s SSID now.

To Briefly Conclude

The aforementioned troubleshooting steps will be helpful in resolving the internet connectivity issue with the Rockspace WiFi extender. You should now be able to connect to its network using its SSID. If you fail to connect even now, then reset the extender to the factory defaults. This will erase the current settings from it. Once done, you should configure the extender once again using any method that you prefer.


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