What is a Video Wall Screen in Pakistan?

What is a Video Wall Screen in Pakistan?

Video Wall Screen, Do you want to know the method by which Times Square achieves such breathtakingly massive video screens? It’s all because of video wall technology. They are seen in action everywhere, from bustling urban streets and hospitals.

They don’t have to be as big as the building itself, neither. Video Wall Screen displays are an incredibly versatile device that comes in a variety of dimensions and shapes.

What is the significance of this to you?

This is due to the fact that almost every business can benefit the use of video walls. Even if you’re not trying to promote something an expansive display area is always useful.

Take a look at our comprehensive analysis to find out the possibilities a video wall could provide for you.

What Is a Video Wall? Explained in Plain English:

A video wall blends several displays to create one huge display. They can range in size from small LED screens all the way to LCD monitors.

The various displays are equipped with thin frames that connect effortlessly. It gives the appearance of a single screen.

A video wall could work as a unit for one large screen – or, each monitor could show an individual thing.

For individual screens the majority of video walls utilize LED technology, using LCD screens, tile and cubes implementing the same technology.

How Does a Video Wall Work? The Hardware and Software You’ll Need:

To make a video wall work you will require video wall software and a sort of controller for your video wall.

You’ll work with the video wall software to include specific images, videos, or even messages. You can use the video wall processing that controls how the images are split.

Video wall controllers provide you with the capability to utilize the full resolution of your wall, and support various applications for the display of video content.

When you are deciding on a wall with a video there are four primary aspects to be considered. You’ll have to make a few important choices before committing to the idea of a wall-mounted video display.

First, you must choose what kind of display best suits your needs. The options include:

LED panels

LCD panels



LED panels are great for constructing huge seamless displays that don’t overheat. They’re used extensively in sports arenas, downtown ads as well as digital artwork.

LCD panels are a great choice when there is a need for multi-source display which is why they are perfect for control rooms and conferences. LCD panels feature more prominent borders than LED panel which is ideal for displaying information from multiple source.

Tiles and Cubes create captivating digital displays. A cube that has screens on either side provides a wild and exciting display that is sure to captivate anyone who is in the vicinity. Utilizing tiled displays is an excellent way to guide viewers towards a specific area or screen.

Selecting the Right Video Wall Processors:

A video wall processor software which ensures that every signal is sent to the right screen. It also ensures that the correct resolution for each image. In terms of the word the processor for video walls controls the screen’s display..

A processor can be described as a component of software that is typically mounted on the matrix switcher. The switcher is equipped with the remote (similar to televisions) and is sometimes connected to other devices, for instance laptops.

You’ll have to decide if you want an ordinary processor or a more advanced. A standard video wall processor will suffice for content that comes from one source and then displaying it on several screens.

If you’re adding content from multiple source to display you’ll require a sophisticated processor.

Using Video Extenders for a Seamless Presentation:

Ideally, you should put your processor in front of the wall display for your video. It is easy to connect both using the standard video cable. However, it’s not always feasible.

If your wall for video is located in a place in which you aren’t able to store the processor, you’ll need to move it somewhere else, Video Wall Screen.

One example is storing this in the IT space so that it does not interfere with the flow from your wall display.

This is where a video extender is a good choice by transferring signals from the processor onto your screen.

Video Wall Controller Selection:

Video wall controllers are the piece of hardware which houses the software for processing. It’s the thing you utilize to input commands into your wall. There are three types of video wall controllers that are available. They are:

OEM-provided controller. This is the type of controller in the majority of video walls. They’re typically matrix switches operated by the remote.

PC-based controller. Another option is installing an application for processing on your computer together with input and output cards to control the display. Although this is a reasonable alternative, the control options are not very robust and stability issues can arise.

High-end touchscreen controllers. They are the top-quality and most durable Video wall controls. They have user-friendly touchscreen controls to make operations easier.

Four Benefits Drive Video Wall Adoption:

Once you’ve figured out the reasons why video walls work what else can they do to help you?

They can be more versatile than you think. A video wall could be anything you like.

Do you wish to utilize multiple display cases to create a canvas to showcase your artwork? Perhaps you would prefer to arrange your displays in a square to create an interesting layout?

Technology for video wall displays make everything possible:

These are the four primary advantages you’ll get from the installation of a video wall.

Flexibility to Display Content:

Video walls let you escape the restrictions that come with traditional signage. You’ll have complete freedom in creating ways to showcase your advertising, artwork as well as information.

A good example is the creation of an online fitting room an exterior video wall in your store for clothing. You could also install a 3D wall in front of the tech shop, and showcase new features and products.

If you’re looking to be imaginative by using digital signage video walls give you the chance to think out of the box.

Inform customers using interactive Displays:

Informing your customers about your products can motivate customers to go on and test it. A video wall that is interactive is the perfect method to draw users to know more about your company.

The most appealing thing about it?

Video walls are a great way to showcase interactive options. For example, touchscreens allow users to be close and personal with your wall.

Educational opportunities to customers include:

Learn more about your business

Viewing the products with various sizes and colors

Watching new features of the product in the field

Quickly and Affordably Adapt to New Changes:

The world of work is extremely constantly changing, and the next big thing is always around the corner.

Policies change, menus are revised, and brand images are tweaked. Traditionally, this meant purchasing expensive new signs and equipment to stay up-to-date with shifts.

Video walls reduce the cost of time and cash:

If corporate headquarters updates the menu on your site, it takes only just a few moments to post the latest version to your wall. This is the same for any recent updates or changes to the information.

Video Walls Are Drawing More Attention and More Customers:

It is essential to have a video wall for nailing your business’s first impression to clients. A video wall that is interactive is eye-catching and impresses the customers.

With their superior resolutions and brightness, the video walls won’t make themselves more noticeable. They’re an ideal method to advertise your company’s activities as well as upcoming events.

Top 5 Main Use Cases of Video Walls:

In the modern age video walls are all over the place. The large digital screens are used in a variety of cases, from government agencies to your local pub.

These are the five most popular applications for video walls to help narrow the scope of your project.

College Campuses:

Universities can make use of video walls to make the learning process more lively and enjoyable.

Instead of slumbering through boring lectures, students can take part via interactive video walls in order to boost engagement and increase retention.

Beyond that, the uses for video walls in campus can include:

Interactive maps

Displaying announcements

Live stream of live video

Outdoor Advertising:

There is no better way to get an interactive video wall if need to spread the message out regarding your company. Walking around Times Square is proof of this. An enormous LED display can help your ad stand out and be more prominent.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to include animation, video, and other forms of interactive content that showcases your brand’s values and quality.

Conference & Meeting Rooms:

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to stay on top of a company meeting in a dimly lit projector. Video walls can offer a bright, vivid and engaging display that will make your meeting space more enjoyable.

Multi-source visualization is useful for these kinds of situations as well. One example would be the corporate control room which needs to show live camera feeds, maps and various other data at the same time.

Clubs, Pubs & Restaurants:

Restaurant and bar owners always seek out the largest TV to watch the biggest game. In reality, there’s nothing better than a huge video wall.

It allows you to display all major sporting events, or even multiple games simultaneously. It could also be used as an opportunity to display your menu items and specials items in between sports events.

Sport Venues:

The crowd who were in the nosebleeds have bought good seats. A massive video wall will ensure that everyone inside the arena is keeping up to date with the latest events.

Video walls are ideal for displaying ads from sponsors that can increase your earnings.

Change Your Operation with a Video Wall from Mustangled:

Software for video walls is a potent technology that is widely used. It can be a hit to promote events, inform and enhance your communication.

You may want a video wall in your school or waste control room for your business, Mustangled offers cloud-based digital signage software that can assist you in managing your content in a simple way..

Are you still unsure? Contact our team now and set up a an appointment to discuss how you can leverage digital signage to improve the efficiency of your company processes. Read more: Mustangled


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