What Does An Oxygen Shot Do?

Oxygen therapy or oxygen shots have gained immense popularity. Oxygen bars are popping up in various locations across the country in competition with juice and wine bars.

People wear masks on their faces and get shots of oxygen in gaps. It is claimed that an oxygen shot provides a boost of energy and builds stamina while also protecting from the side effects of pollution and stress. You can ask a healthcare provider through online doctor consultation if an oxygen shot is safe to use or not. 

What is an Oxygen Shot?

They are served in cylinders and come along with a plastic tube through which users inhale the oxygen. The air surrounding us has 21% oxygen, but these shots contain 95% of oxygen. This increased level of oxygen causes users to feel high. Oxygen shots found in bars and clubs contain oxygen mixed with various scents to enhance the effect. 

Even though bars advertise the oxygen shots with 95% oxygen, this amount varies depending on the equipment used as well as the flow rate. A lower flow rate will dilute the oxygen providing the user with a lesser amount than advertised. 

Benefits of Oxygen Shot

Proponents of oxygen shots claim that it has numerous health benefits, which include:

  • A boost in energy. 
  • Improvement in mood.
  • Increased concentration. 
  • Improved athletic performance. 
  • Decrease in stress. 
  • Relief from headaches and migraines. 
  • Improved sleeping pattern. 

Evidence suggests that people suffering from sleep apnea tend to benefit from using oxygen shots. With sleep apnea, a person suddenly stops breathing while asleep. Using oxygen shots in such cases didn’t have much effect on sleeping conditions. 

Are Oxygen Shots Safe to Use?

While there hasn’t been much study conducted on the usage of oxygen shots and oxygen bars, scientists claim that using it doesn’t have detrimental effects on the body. However, the American Lung Association states that consuming oxygen shots doesn’t exactly improve the psychological state of a person. 

Another point to note is that normally, blood oxygen levels are between 96% to 99%. Hence there is a question of what extra oxygen does in the body. Even though supplemental oxygen can prove to be beneficial for some people, it can also be harmful to others. Administering oxygen shots to people that are chronically ill is safe, but research also claims that giving too much supplemental oxygen to such patients can be harmful. 

What are the Scents in Oxygen Shots?

It contain scents that are added by passing the oxygen through a liquid that contains the scent in the form of an essential oil or food-grade additive. Lipid pneumonia may develop due to inhaling oil-based substances, which is an acute inflammation of the lungs. 

Moreover, these scents are highly dangerous for people already suffering from lung diseases. The chemicals found in these scents may lead to allergic reactions, which can be mild or severe. 

The symptoms of allergic reactions to these include:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Running out of breath
  • Increase in asthma symptoms

You should strictly refrain from going to oxygen bars or trying oxygen shots if you suffer from respiratory diseases, including: 

  1. COPD
  2. Cystic fibrosis
  3. Asthma
  4. Emphysema

If you have a lung disease and want to try an oxygen shot, then you should get an online doctor consultation and ask your doctor whether it is safe for you to try it or not. 

Side Effects of Oxygen Shots

If you are healthy, it means that your body is already saturated with oxygen. Despite this, if you wish to try oxygen shots, then you should consume a limited amount for less than 12 hours. Too much pure oxygen in the body can lead to a ‘shock lung,’ also known as adult respiratory distress syndrome. 

If infants are exposed to pure oxygen for a lengthy time, it may lead to trouble in their retina since blood vessels stop developing. If a person with emphysema inhales pure oxygen, it can cause the breathing to stop entirely. 

Are Oxygen Shots Expensive?

Trying oxygen shots in an oxygen bar will cost between $1 and $2 for each minute, depending on the aroma or scent you choose and also on the location of the bar. 

While oxygen therapy provided within hospitals with supervision is insured, recreational oxygen isn’t covered by insurance. 

Should you Consume Oxygen Shots?

Even though oxygen shots come with impressive benefits, the effects of supplemental oxygen over a long time period are still unclear. In 2018, a study was published in ‘The Lancet’ which proved that oxygen therapy could be fatal for those who have serious medical conditions. 

Doctors also suggest that the 21% of oxygen found in our atmosphere is enough for the body to be saturated with oxygen. However, any extra amount inhaled by the body will be absorbed in the blood and may cause a negative impact. 

Symptoms of Low Oxygen 

There may be cases where people suffer from oxygen levels in the body. Here are the symptoms that you should look out for in case of an oxygen deficiency: 

  • Rapid breathing. 
  • Running out of breath. 
  • Increased heart rate. 
  • Coughing and/or wheezing. 
  • Sweating. 
  • Feeling confused. 
  • Change in skin color. 

If you face any of these symptoms, it is advised to get in contact with a healthcare provider and seek online consultation. The doctor may also prescribe some tests to ensure your overall well-being. 

Through CuraLabs, you can avail of a discount worth 80% on certain tests if you upload your doctor’s prescription. So go ahead and get your oxygen levels checked to ensure a healthy and safe life. You can also share your reports with your doctor online so they can start treatment immediately if needed.


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