Unanet Software vs Visual Planning Software Comparison

Unanet Software vs Visual Planning Software Comparison

Visual Planning Software is a cloud-based project management solution that offers a range of features for planning, scheduling, and tracking projects. It also includes tools for resource management, financial management, and collaboration.

Unanet is a professional services automation (PSA) software provider that offers solutions for architects and engineers (A/E), government contractors, and professional service firms. Its solutions offer a single source of truth, intuitive dashboards, and robust analytics and reporting capabilities.

Unanet Software

Unanet Software is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that enables architects and engineers, government contractors, and professional service firms to streamline their business processes. It offers an integrated set of functionality that includes project management, business intelligence, financials, and ready integration with third-party solutions.

The platform combines an agile and intuitive interface with robust features for resource management, financial management, and project planning. It also offers tools for collaboration, task management, and resource allocation, which makes it easy for teams to work together on projects.

Project Management Features

Visual Planning Software is a cloud-based project management solution that offers a range of features for planning and scheduling projects. It also includes tools for resource management, financial management, and collaboration, making it a great choice for small and medium-sized businesses looking to improve their project management process.

Cost and Expense Tracking

Visual Planning Software offers time and expense tracking capabilities, which allow your employees to track their time and expenses in real-time. It also supports systems for payroll, invoicing, and job cost accounting.

The platform also offers reporting and analytics. This allows your company to make informed decisions about budgets and expenditures, allowing you to save money and ensure profitability.

Resource Management

Visual Planning Software offers a range of robust resource management tools, including tools for resource forecasting and scheduling. This enables businesses to track personnel, equipment, and materials efficiently.

It also provides an online bill review feature, which makes it easy for employees to pay invoices on time. This can help improve cash flow and reduce the likelihood of late payments.

If you’re considering Unanet Software, you can compare it with other ERP solutions by using SourceForge’s curated list. You can examine their features, functions, and pricing terms in order to find software that meets your business’s needs.

Visual Planning Software

Visual Planning Software is a resource management and scheduling solution that helps businesses to manage their assets and day-to-day operations. It offers functionalities like project management, construction scheduling, human resource management, fleet management, field service scheduling, and CRM that can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

The tool features a range of capabilities, including real-time project planning, task assignment, and monitoring. It also includes reporting tools that allow users to glean insights and forecasts from data.

For example, it features a dashboard that gives you a visual view of your projects and staffing needs by discipline, role, and office. This allows you to see your entire portfolio of projects together and make the right decisions quickly.

It is a flexible platform that is available in SaaS, on-premise, or subscription modes and can be accessed from anywhere using your web browser. It is also mobile-friendly and includes a suite of tools that help you to communicate with your team on the go, send e-mails and SMS alerts, connect schedules to personal calendars, and more.

Unanet Software is a powerful tool that can improve business efficiency, productivity, and profitability. It provides a centralized system that avoids spreadsheet clutter and makes it easy for everyone in your company to stay on top of their tasks and deadlines.

Among other things, it helps you to organize your work schedule with a simple drag-and-drop planner that makes it easier for you and your team members to understand where they are and when they need to be. It can also help you spot and fix scheduling conflicts.

Unanet also has a number of other useful tools, such as automated intercompany invoice processing, which can save your business money and time. It can also support real-time collaboration between teams, which can make it easier to deliver a good product or service to your customers.

Unanet Software Reviews

The Unanet AE ERP software is designed for architecture and engineering firms to securely manage their financials, operations, projects, and people. It features powerful functionality to help organizations collaborate more efficiently, improve communication and productivity levels, and drive growth.

According to the company, this software is the only modern project-based platform purpose-built for architects and engineers. It also offers a series of integrated applications that can be tailored to the industry’s specific needs, including prospect management, time and expense tracking, payroll functions, and project accounting.

It is designed to make it easier for A/E firms to convert prospects into active customers, track time and expenses more efficiently, and manage payroll accurately. Additionally, it can help to increase revenue by improving the speed of project delivery.

In online Unanet Software Reviews, reviewers praised the system’s real-time update capability, its fully integrated timesheet function, and access to informative training materials, courses, and webinars. They also mentioned that the system was easy to learn and customize.

While the Unanet AE ERP software is relatively inexpensive, its user satisfaction rating is only 80%, so it may not be worth considering for larger companies. Nevertheless, it is a good solution for smaller architecture and engineering firms that have multiple projects in progress and need an ERP to help them run their businesses more effectively.

The Unanet Professional Services Automation (PSA) software is a comprehensive solution that combines resources management, project management, timesheets, expense reports, project accounting, billing, workforce collaboration, CRM and financials with cost pool calculations into a single system. Its robust, real-time reporting capabilities and extensive integration opportunities provide users with the information they need to make better business decisions.

Visual Planning Software Reviews

Visual Planning is a cloud-based project management solution that offers a range of features for planning, scheduling, and tracking projects. It also includes tools for resource management, financial management, and collaboration.

The platform offers a variety of robust, real-time reports to help users make decisions quickly and easily. This helps users avoid unnecessary expenses and ensures that they are making the most of their resources.

One of the most important features of Visual Planning is that it can be used to track and manage all types of resources, including customers, projects, tasks, work orders, employees, and equipment. This allows users to stay on top of their schedules and track progress, regardless of where they are or what device they’re using.

It can also be connected to personal calendars, allowing users to work in teams and collaborate from anywhere. This makes it a great tool for any team, whether they are small or large.

The visual nature of Visual Planning means that it’s easy to see a project’s progress and status, and provides insight into potential problems and bottlenecks. This also allows for earlier problem-solving and commitment, which can help a project stay on track.

In addition, the software’s centralized system makes it easier for users to keep track of their resources. This also allows them to monitor the status of individual team members, which can help to reduce miscommunication and improve overall productivity.

Several companies have incorporated Visual Planning into their design processes. This includes the A/E firm Bjerking AB, which uses it in their own concept Lean Design(r), as well as Veidekke/VDC, Stockholmsarenan, and Projektengagemang VVS AB.


Unanet is an online software company that specializes in delivering solutions for government contractors, architects and engineers, and the professional services industry. Their products include a variety of tools for resource planning, time management and expense tracking, project accounting and invoicing, and teamwork collaboration. They also offer a centralized system that integrates all these systems into one database, which eliminates the need for users to reconcile information between disparate software programs.

In addition to providing a streamlined project management process, Unanet AE provides a robust set of real-time reports that allow users to glean insights and forecasts that help them make better decisions in a timely manner. This gives them a more efficient way to handle their projects and maximize the profitability of their business.

Another function that Unanet offers is expense management, which makes it easier for companies to track all their expenses and ensure they stay under budget. This allows for better risk mitigation and reduces the chances of any losses. It also helps to streamline processes by integrating per diems into the expense tracking system, which will allow all that data to flow through accounting and invoicing smoothly.

In the past few years, Unanet has carved out a space in the market by offering solutions that focus on the financial side of project operations. They plan to continue developing these capabilities and will soon launch a full-fledged ERP platform. This will give them an edge over other software providers in this area, and allow them to provide a more comprehensive solution for their customers.


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