Top 10 Handmade Clothing Brands For Women In India

Top 10 Handmade Clothing Brands For Women In India

The season for celebrations and weddings is well underway in India. Millions of quick steps are taken in its direction as the ground begins to sigh and autumnal melancholy sets in. The romanticism of the rustling leaves and the crisp autumn air becomes even more thrilling during celebrations. National celebrations have also never shied away from embracing traditions and customs or from showcasing traditional and ethnic components. The following is a list of the best Indian ethnic wear handmade clothing brands.

Handmade Clothing Brands You Must Check Out

  1. Fabindia

It’s possible that what distinguishes Fabindia from other Indian ethnic clothing firms is the fact that its roots are in traditional history. The finest artisanal skills are crafted in the finery of handloom fabrics, lending a touch of authentic Indianness to every Fabindia product. The shine and shimmer of the silk, cotton, and jute salwars, skirts, and kurtas are associated with the name FabIndia.

  1. Biba

BIBA is the queen of understated elegance. Everything is available at BIBA, including elegant tunics, comfortable kurtas, trendy salwar suits, magnificent anarkalis, and a selection of straightforward, stylish churidars and dupattas. BIBA’s capacity for adaptation is what has helped it rise to the top of the list of Indian ethnic wear manufacturers. BIBA adds flair to both casual and formal attire with equal ease.

  1. The UBAK

The handmade clothing pleasures manufactured by Mrs. Arry Kaur’s 17-year-old fashion line. The UBAK is available to women in India, Canada, and the USA. “You name it, we’ll get it for you,” is the company’s motto. It implies that you only need to give them your choices for an outfit in order for the team to create one for you. Arry Kaur employs a team of qualified designers and tailors in each of their respective fields. This company embodies the proverb “Transforming your ideas into designs.” The UBAK team will use their abilities and knowledge to produce the costume you describe; all you need to do is describe it.

  1. Haute Curry

Even though the brand name is expensive, Haute Curry’s only traditional line captures the true flavor of India. Ethics from Haute Curry will make you feel blessed and content because they radiate a modern energy in their stylish and trendy clothing.

Haute Curry is a must-have on the list of Indian ethnic clothing brands due to its broad appeal. Whether it be kurtas and anarkalis, kaftans and dupattas, or even a range of accessories. This is a brand that is chosen by one of the biggest brands in the Indian fashion industry.

  1. Aurelia

If the identical yet separate kurtas worn by Aurelia and W startled you, you are not alone. Both companies are owned by TCNS Clothing Co. Ltd. Thus, it seems logical that their offerings are traditional with lots of modern undertones. Although, they share a similar design aesthetic. Each has its own style, making it easy to tell one from the other. In order to strike the right balance between the exquisite and the eccentric, Aurelia incorporates traditional designs with western forms and cuts.

  1. Shree

As lifestyle brand Shree proves, fashion does not have to be expensive. As a workaholic or traveler, you can enjoy parties, comfort hoarding, dainty day’outs, and more. If you want to look youthful and attractive while wearing traditional attire, You have made the right choice with the Indian Avatar, Shree.

Foreign fashion trends further spice up Shree’s many kurtis and salwars, assuring you that you will stand out from the crowd. You are free to be every aspect of yourself at all times thanks to Shree. Put the tone down, or let it stand out, whether in pastels or vibrant colors!

  1. Vark

A variety of lovely and fashionable gowns for any occasion are available from the traditional Indian clothing business Vark. The assortment consists of kurtas, salwar kameez, anarkalis, saris, lehengas, and more. The company offers a huge selection of colors and handcrafted designs.

  1. Anouk

Anouk by Myntra is an Indian ethnic wear company that reinterprets traditional notions of beauty by being outspoken rather than subdued. Its designer is Masaba Gupta. That is groundbreaking given that ethnicity has been associated with low-key transactions and demure auras. Offerings from Anouk are as sharp and vivacious as Gupta herself; they are bold and lively.

  1. Nalli

Nothing accomplishes keeping things traditional better than the well-known Indian saree. Moreover, Nalli is a brand that gives you an authentic ethnic appearance by dressing you in sarees and other items that make you resemble the “flawless Indian woman,” although a fictitious one.

On the list of Indian ethnic wear brands, Nalli is a must-have brand because of the attention it devotes to maintaining its heritage. Nalli does not practice fusion; instead, it incorporates earthy Indian elements into its apparel in order to safeguard and showcase your true Indianness.

  1. Akkriti

Akkriti is a fashion label that specializes in handcrafted apparel and accessories that are influenced by Pakistani and Indian design. The company sells a variety of goods, from classic Indian silk sarees and outfits to contemporary, stylish dresses and blouses. Akkriti is known for its delicate embroidered work, one-of-a-kind patterns, and a wide range of premium materials. They work hard to provide items that are both stunning and cozy. Akkriti is a company that places great value on craftsmanship, quality, and cultural heritage.

To sum up

In conclusion, handmade clothing offers a distinctive and customized style that is not present in mass-produced clothing. Handmade clothing frequently uses higher-quality fabrics and has elaborate stitching and decoration.

They have the potential for personalization to fit the wearer specifically and are also more environmentally friendly than conventional fashion. For special events and as a treasured addition to any wardrobe, handmade clothing is ideal.


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