Tips for Page Build | Best WordPress Development Agency in UK

Tips for Page Build | Best WordPress Development Agency in UK


Geniez web is one of the Best WordPress Development Agency in UK. The group behind ThemeFuse, Unyson, and Pixelkit produced Brizy. Since ThemeFuse has been making WordPress templates for a while, it is aware of the requirements and preferences of consumers. They concentrate on simplifying the page designs on your website. Brizy WordPress has a free version and a pro version. There are only a few functions and themes available in the free version. The Pro edition, which costs $49 per year for a single site, $99 for 100 sites (on their Freelancer plan), and $199 for a monstrous 500 sites (on the Agency plan), contains everything.

The agency strategy can also be white-labelled, eliminating any traces of the Brizy name. Additionally, Brizy provides lifetime plans with no ongoing fees. Also available from Brizy is a cloud-based website builder. With only one click, Brizy users can move websites from Brizy Cloud to Brizy WordPress. For the following reasons, you might take this Best WordPress Development Agency in UK builder into consideration. You can resell Brizy with full white label capabilities under your own brand, including obtaining your own white label WP plugin. One of the nicest user interfaces for a page builder plugin that we’ve ever seen. 130+ Fully Finished Website Designs. 500+ ready-made blocks to build your own creations. Has a fantastic auto-save function that ensures you never lose your work. A Facebook group where Brizy members may interact and share advice and assistance.


The free WordPress page builder, WP Page Builder, which was introduced on August 1st, 2018, has already gained recognition. This page builder’s functionalities are available for a reason. According to rumours, the Themeum team spent years conducting research and development in order to produce the ideal product.

Even if you’ve never used a page builder before, the clean and straightforward design of this one will make it easier for you to get the hang of it. Because the toolbar is so simple to understand, working with rows and columns is also a breeze. Modules are designed to accomplish a particular set of activities and are capable of doing so flawlessly. You can always save a queue in the library that comprises several modules of your work. You may reuse your work thanks to this function, which helps you save a tonne of time.

The pre-made blocks and layouts in WP Page Builder are incredibly helpful components. You may easily construct a single page with just one click by utilising the drag-and-drop function. These blocks have excellent design and plenty of substance. Layout packs are a fantastic tool for quickly creating a page that is ready for use. Pages can be used individually from packages because they typically comprise one or more pages. You can read our comprehensive WP Page Builder review here if you want to learn more about this solution.

For the following reasons, you might take this WordPress page builder into consideration:

The front-end editing feature of the page builder gives users a fantastic visual representation of their work. Those who adore real-time editing will adore this tool. You may use this page builder’s straightforward drag-and-drop feature to move and manipulate its modules, blocks, and layouts on any page. Any existing elements can be disabled or hidden with it, saving them for later cleanup and use.

You’ll have access to a few pre-built blocks and layout packs, allowing you to complete your work more quickly without having to worry about learning a new design concept. WP Page Builder doesn’t require any coding knowledge. However, you can use the custom CSS option if you wish to use a more sophisticated theme.

SiteOrigin’s Page Builder

There is a free edition and a premium version of SiteOrigin Page Builder. The SiteOrigin widget pack is available for download without requiring an email address or further payment. Modules for Google maps, titles, image grids, price tables, item carousels, and many other widgets are available. With this and the responsive WordPress page builder, you can create basic content for users of various skill levels.

It is a straightforward drag-and-drop solution that integrates with SiteOrigin and third-party widgets and employs grid-based technology. Consequently, you can use some of the more well-liked widgets that are included with your theme to design your website. Although you can move elements in the page builder from the admin, the frontend’s live editing is still available in the page builder. This offers a straightforward toolbar with options to add widgets and rows, use pre-built modules, or check your history at the top of your page.

As previously said, SiteOrigin’s Page Builder is accessible for free and doesn’t require any updates or assistance. However, if you wish to add more extensions, like: you can upgrade to Premium. B. the SiteOrigin Custom Post Type Builder, which can assist in enhancing your website.

For the following reasons, you might take this WordPress page builder into consideration:

If you’re looking for a stylish, cost-free WordPress page builder. This also features a huge selection of no-cost widgets. You have no problem using forums or documentation to resolve your own customer service problems.

A straightforward and attractive toolbar is provided by the SiteOrigin Page Builder. The most crucial components, such as rows and widgets, can be added. Both SiteOrigin’s own widgets and any other third-party widgets you are accustomed to using on your website integrate without a hitch.

Graphic Composer

Behind Visual Composer, there is a capable crew! The people behind WPBakery, one of the most well-liked page builders available on CodeCanyon, created it. It is not only simple to use, but it also has a tonne of capabilities that experienced and intermediate web developers will find useful.

For instance, you get 100+ premade layouts and more than 50+ premium pieces of content. You can get going right away with the 40+ grid design templates, and you can’t go wrong with the 200+ premium third-party add-ons. Both front-end and back-end visual editors are offered by Visual Composer. The back-end editor is more of a grid-based interface with drag-and-drop modules, while the front-end solution displays real-time results as you customise your site.

As you might have anticipated, using the Visual Composer plugin doesn’t involve any programming work. Actually, the programmers have included a feature they call a “tree view” that transforms your builder into a layered interface similar to Photoshop or Sketch Layers.

You can access custom CSS or Javascript sections whenever you struggle to make a design element seem just perfect or if you want to be creative and create a completely original element for your website. If you want to give your entire site some personality, you may do this either globally or locally.

Here are some reasons you might want to think about using this WordPress page builder:

To manage and move your layout and elements throughout the page, use the editor’s straightforward drag-and-drop interface. You will only be charged $59 for the one purchase.

With the back-end editor, the live front-end editor, and the tree view, you technically get a 3-1 editor. You can tidy up your design area, save elements for later, and return to the module with Visual Composer. The WordPress page builder does not require any coding skills, but users with sufficient experience have complete control over the custom CSS and Javascript sections.

Sandwich Page Builder

Because Page Builder Sandwich is mostly built on a visual front-end page builder, we prefer it for novices. As a result, you don’t need to worry about the backend architecture and you don’t need any coding experience. With straightforward text boxes and graphics, the drag-and-drop components are rather simple. Colours and sizes can be changed with the mouse, and all changes are immediately visible.

As a result, you can come back to this editor to make changes to text or images without having the visual editor code broken. Although this WordPress website builder is a slightly simplified version of alternatives like Divi and Elementor, it excels at clearing away excess clutter. An excellent place to start, for instance, are the 10 full page templates, but other page builders offer bigger libraries.

For the following reasons, you might take this WordPress page builder into consideration:

The free version is so simple that the average webmaster may start designing straight away without any prior experience. The premium edition includes thousands of vector icons in addition to hundreds of plugins and short codes. You don’t have to build your website from scratch because the plugin includes 10 page templates. The WordPress page builder offers a lovely live editor that doesn’t interfere with changes made in the background to the WordPress editor.


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