The Importance of a PAT Test Certificate in United Kingdom

The Importance of a PAT Test Certificate in United Kingdom

PAT Test Certificate, Since they are the primary reason for accidents that cause fires across the UK electrical appliances are now a major target for the government. There is now new regulations necessary to ensure that electrical appliances aren’t causing accidents in commercial or residential buildings as well as the PAT Test certificate will assist you to ensure that you’re following the regulations.

PAT Test Certificate, this test needs to be regularly tested to ensure the integrity of the equipment and make sure that appliances work efficiently.

What Is a PAT Test Certificate?

PAT is a short form as Portable Appliance Test and is an official document that confirms every portable appliance on the premises. It involves a visual inspection of cables, plugs and the general condition of the device, in which the appliance must be able to pass a few basic electrical tests in order to confirm that it is able to be used continuously.

The PAT test certification will allow you prove and verify that the portable appliances comply to all standards that are safe and suitable to be used, and will aid your home and premises to be secure. Air Conditioning PAT Testing.

Which Items Need a PAT Test Certificate?

Every portable electrical appliance in a building must be tested according to the following rules:

Electricity at Work Regulations,

Provision and Use of Work Regulations,

Control of Health and Safety work regulations,

Safety and health in the workplace work Regulations.

In the theory of things it is the case that all electrical appliances connected to the power source must be equipped with PAT certification. This includes PC monitors, kettles vending machines, printers, washing machines, hand dryers and telephones as well as other machine that requires an electrical connection.

Who is qualified to administer an PAT-test?

Legally the PAT test certificate is valid for anyone who is competent and has completed the PAT training, however, it is strongly recommended that a certified and trained electrical engineer who handles PAT testing machines performs the job.

The engineer will ensure that all equipment is thoroughly inspected, and that the equipment is in compliance with all requirements and regulations. 

How often is the PAT test required to be performed?

The PAT test isn’t a legally required test. It is only required that the regulations are followed and PAT testing is a most accepted method to ensure that the test is in line with the rules. The test certificate issued by PAT is then the evidence of the exam being carried out correctly and also contains all the information required and will also indicate if there was a failure in the test.

No law requires a set date for testing PAT Test Certificate, but it is suggested that it be conducted each year. If any of the portable appliances failed the test it should be replaced, repaired or removed from the premises.

The current law stipulates that employers and businesses have to comply with the Act on Health and Safety in Work of 11974.

PAT Test Certificate:

If you’re looking to locate an expert electrical engineer who can conduct your PAT test, do not hesitate to contact TRAC. Our staff is highly educated and we will provide the test certification for you.


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