that you can use is the stacked area chart

When you are dealing with data, one of the charts that you can use is the stacked area chart. These charts display the relationships between different quantities. In the Stacked Area chart, you can see how each of the categories contribute to the total amount of each chart. You can also see which categories are more important than others.

For example, in the picture below, each of the bar represents an individual. When you see the bar going up, that means the quantity in that column is increasing. You can see that the overall growth rate of the Power BI Stacked Area Chart graph is positive. You can also see that the quantity with the biggest increase is the quantity labeled as Quantity 5. The next highest increase is Quantity 1.

The smallest increase is Quantity 2. Each of these increases is represented by a different color in the stacked area chart. Quantity 1 is displayed in green, Quantity 2 in red, and so on. The total value of all the bars is represented by the total in the lower left corner of the chart.

When you are looking at a stacked area chart, you should pay attention to which categories are the most important. Look for areas where the total value is increasing. These are the areas where the values are increasing.


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