Rockspace Extender Ethernet Port Not Working? Help!

Rockspace Extender Ethernet Port Not Working? Help!

The sole purpose of opting for a wired connection for the extender-router link is to ensure a consistent exchange of WiFi signals between two devices. After all, this is the link that facilitates the user with a supersonic speed WiFi connection throughout the house. However, users who have done Rockspace WiFi extender setup in their houses have reported a peculiar problem. They state that their Rockspace extender Ethernet port not working.

Are you also finding yourself standing in the queue of users facing the same problem? Well, let us help you address it. Mentioned in this write-up are the causes due to which the Ethernet port of your WiFi range extender might deny working. Well, we’ve not limited this post to the reasons only, you’ll also find solutions to the problem you are facing in this very piece of reading.

Causes: Rockspace Extender Ethernet Port Not Working

Here are the most possible reasons due to which the Ethernet jack of your WiFi device might be in a non-working state. By walking through the reasons, you will be able to know if the port of your device is actually not working or if it’s just your assumption.

Technical Glitches

The presence of technical glitches is so common in the networking realm. However, you must not let them affect the performance of your networking gadget as they have done right now. Know that technical glitches possess all powers of making your extender non-functional.

Damaged Ethernet Cable

Perhaps the cable you’ve used for connecting your WiFi devices [Rockspace extender and the main router] is damaged and you’re just assuming that the Ethernet port is the culprit. This is to inform you that employing a damaged Ethernet cable for connecting networking devices may affect your internet experience a lot.

So, these were the most common due to which you feel like facing the Rockspace extender Ethernet port not working issue. However, apart from these, dirty ports can also be the reason why you have reached a conclusion of their non-working condition. With that said, we suggest you clean the ports of your devices to resolve the issue at hand. In case you are still having rotten luck resolving the problem, the tips given below can assist you.

Fix: Rockspace Extender Ethernet Port Not Working

Power Cycle the Extender

Since technical glitches were mentioned as the topmost cause behind the issue you were facing with your range extender, you are advised to kick them off. You can do it with a simple power cycle of the device. Just push the Power button located on the extender unit and unplug it from the wall socket. Thereafter, plug it back and do the exact opposite of what you’ve just done. However, there should be a decent gap of time between the unplugging and re-plugging of your WiFi range extender.

Replace the Ethernet Cable

If the Ethernet cable connecting your networking devices is found damaged, then know that it can also stop you from accessing the http //re.rockspace.local URL thereby preventing you from managing the extender. Therefore, you are required to do the most obvious thing right now i.e. you must replace the cable right away.

The one you will now put to use should not only be intact but is also supposed to perfectly fit the Ethernet ports of your networking devices. Now, see if the issue you were facing has been fixed or not.

Wrapping Up

This is how you can address the Rockspace extender Ethernet port not working issue. We hope that after you’re done with the implementation of the aforesaid hacks, your device will start delivering its optimal performance.

Just in case the Ethernet port of your device is still in a non-functional state, the port might be damaged. So, you are suggested to create connections using another port. Read more- Why Can’t I Update Netgear Extender Firmware on EX3700


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