Raceway and Trunking- Standard Size, Purpose, and Advantages

Raceway and Trunking- Standard Size, Purpose, and Advantages

Do you know what raceway and trunking and its purpose and advantages are? If your answer is no, then don’t worry you are in the right place. Here we are providing you with detailed knowledge of raceway and trunking cable trays.

But before you jump into the purpose and advantages, you should first know a little about raceway and trunking cable trays so that it will further help you in your further projects.

Raceway and trunking combinedly make a channel to support and provide a physical pathway to the electrical wiring and is an ideal solution for both businesses and homes. The installation of underground cables and wires is the main use of cable tray trunking. Cable wires are attached to a wall or other surface using a raceway to transport them. It is known by different names including floor trunking systems and floor duct systems.  Many industries, including communication and energy, use raceway trunking. It featured a cover that protects the cables from moisture, rust, dust, and other elements. 

Raceway and trunking are mounted on the wall in the area where power and communication cables are terminated. It is built of materials of the highest quality and comes in a variety of sizes. Raceways are mainly utilised in all projects of any size to make the process of laying electrical wires easier. To complete the floor trunking system, an electrical wire raceway is used with Floor Junction boxes and floor boxes.

The Standard Size of the Raceway and Trunking 

A raceway is a canal that is enclosed to create a pathway or route for electrical wirings. 

Raceways have a wide variety of sizes and are available in wide ranges. Here below is the standard size of the raceway and trunking:

Height25mm to 100mm
collar15mm to 25mm
Width50mm to 1000mm
Raw material Mild steel and Aluminium
Finish typesHot Dip Galvanised, Powder Coated finish, and Enamel Painted

Purpose of Raceway and Trunking

Raceway and trunking is a covered conduit that helps in routing the cable wires. It is used to protect the data cables from heat, dust, humidity, and fire risk. The raceway tray is mainly used to keep the cabling neat, hidden, and well-organized. 

Trunking is primarily used underfloor to secure the pipework and electrical wiring. If the wiring is hanging on the wall and is visible it looks untidy and bad, so to make it look aesthetic, clean, and organized customers preferred this raceway and trunking to keep all the cabling in a proper manner and hidden. If the cable tray gets damaged it leads to costly repairs. 

Advantages of Raceway and Trunking

Raceways and trunking is an enclosed tray that helps in supporting and properly organizing the cable wires and is mostly used for laying out underground data and cables. This cable tray has some great advantages which are mentioned below. 

1. Reduced signal interference

Data cables when running close to each other in bulk due to induction can create electromagnetic interference. This interference generated problems in data transmission. But the proper arrangement of cable wires helps in reducing electromagnetic interference. 

2. Improved maintenance

Raceway and trunking organize and route the cable wires properly. It is mainly used for underground cable arrangement. Cables should be arranged properly to promote safety and cut down on maintenance time. 

3. Effective management

The improper hanging cable wires on the wall look awful. Raceway and trunking cable trays thus play a vital role in routing and organising the cable wires along the wall or underground. The ability to scale and adapt to changes is provided by the effective management of cable wires.  

4. Easy Installation 

Raceway and trunking is an enclosed tray that more efficiently organizes the cable wires. This tray is used to elegantly arrange and wrap wires in a room with numerous corners, joints, and corner fittings, 

5. Affordable

Compared to other conduits, cable trunking provides the tray at an affordable price. Installation is simpler and quicker on the raceway and trunking than on other conduits. Additionally, it helps electricians because they can finish jobs more quickly and move on to the next client with ease.

6. Paintable 

In houses or workplaces, raceways are the greatest choice for supporting cable wires and also can be painted to match the walls. It is simple to blend raceway and trunking on the ceiling and along the walls. 


I hope that after reading this essay completely, you have a clear understanding of the raceway and trunking. As previously said,  raceway and trunking is an enclosed conduit that helps in routing the cable wires properly and neatly. It is among the most crucial and adaptable cable management systems. Raceways are made from top-notch materials that help in securing the cable wires from any damage such as heat, humidity, corrosion, falling water, and others.

Raceways are available in a wide variety of sizes and ranges. It has many benefits, such as simple installation, efficient management, cost-effectiveness, excellent quality, etc. However, buying raceway and trunking from a cable tray manufacturer is easy and also provides you customization facility as per the requirement of customers.

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