Pros of Conducting Education Identity Verification

Pros of Conducting Education Identity Verification

Seeking a business that performs comprehensive academic verifications? Services that verify a candidate’s schooling can re-assure you that they have the necessary licence, certification, or degree. Sadly, 70 percent of undergrads have admitted to having lied on their application to obtain a desired position. Education background verification can help to protect employers from hiring unqualified or dishonest employees.

As a result of this number, many companies reject applications and profiles out of hand. In a competitive employment market, applicants are much more prone to exaggerate their qualifications in order to stand out from the crowd. A candidate who lies on their application or résumé probably isn’t qualified for the position. Moreover, why would you want to work with someone who is dishonest?

Importance of Verifying Academic Credentials

Before hiring someone, it is important to verify their educational background.

Too often, applicants provide either false or insufficient details about their academic background. Many people applying for jobs acknowledge engaging in “resume boosting,” or providing false information on their resumes.

However, education is a major factor for evaluation in most job sectors. When deciding between several qualified applicants, factors such as the type and quality of schooling attained and the schools visited may be decisive. That’s why it’s crucial to verify the credentials of job candidates thoroughly. Verifying a teaching permit or any other certification requires a thorough verification process.

  • Provides evidence that a candidate actually obtained a degree, license, or credential they purported to have.
  • allows you to save time and money by delegating labour-intensive filtering duties to a group of private detectives.
  • authenticates degrees obtained at universities in other countries.
  • Identifies degrees and certifications that were acquired through questionable means.
  • Improves the experience for job applicants by setting expectations for the approval phase.
  • eliminates the possibility of making a poor choice and wasting time and money.
  • uses dependable study techniques to produce comprehensive, lightning-fast findings.

One easy way to lessen the damage caused by bad hires is to use a service that checks and verifies academic credentials. 

Proof of Academic Credentials Through a Worldwide Network

Zella Information checks the information that applicants give, so you can make better decisions about who to hire. Verifying a candidate’s academic credentials in a background check aids in making the best hiring decision possible.

So, what can Zella Information offer in terms of services for a proof of schooling check? First, our investigators will call the schools listed on a candidate’s application or resume to confirm that they have the degrees they say they have. We check an applicant’s schooling by matching the information they give us with what the schools give us. Typical items on the evaluation list include:

  • Identify the school by name.
  • Participation Times
  • Research Fields
  • Educational Accomplishments
  • Awarding of a Certificate or Degree Date
  • The number of hours an applicant earns towards a degree even if they do not finish school.
  • Awards associated with a particular degree, certificate, or other formal recognition

Our experts use the information given by the candidate, such as the name, location, start and end times, and certificates earned by the candidate’s school, to do a full authentication check. Our investigators will also need to know if the applicant went by a different identity while enrolled there.

To check professional license qualifications, we need to know the name of the agency that issued the license, the registration number, the state where the license was issued, the date it was issued, and the date it expires. Rarely, a school may choose not to disclose a candidate’s details. In such a case, our experts can look over a candidate’s transcripts to confirm their education level.

It’s becoming increasingly common for businesses to hire people from outside the country. Zella Information can verify a candidate’s education from any school or organisation on the globe, whether they are presently based outside of India or even have studied abroad in the past. Our team can navigate the complexities of international institutions to get you the information you need.


It can be very costly to make the wrong hiring decision. If the applicant is not a good match for your business, you could spend thousands of rupees recruiting and training them. In addition to short and long-term damage to your company’s image, bad employees can have an effect on team happiness. However, by working with Zella Information, you can rest easy about your recruiting choices because you will have access to accurate and validated information on all of your job applicants.

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