What Are The Benefits of a Prenatal Care Class

Prenatal care classes provide new parents with valuable insight into all aspects of childbirth and infant care, from labor preparation to afterbirth care. Furthermore, family members can use these classes as an opportunity to become more involved with both pregnancy and new baby care.

Prenatal education classes can be both enjoyable and informative. Parents can network with other parents while making new connections during prenatal education classes. Students often use grab bags or scavenger hunts to illustrate concepts taught in class.

Prenatal Care Class: Childbirth

In Prenatal Care Class, Childbirth classes provide invaluable knowledge and advice regarding prenatal tests, baby development and labor preparation. By taking one of these courses you may feel less anxious, more self-confident and in control during your pregnancy.

Childbirth classes can be found at hospitals, clinics, birth centers and physicians’ offices; classes are usually taught by an accredited childbirth educator.

Birthing classes may also be provided by doulas, yoga practitioners or someone with expertise in specific birthing techniques.

Attending a childbirth class during your final weeks of gestation can be extremely helpful for both you and your baby, providing an opportunity to network with other parents going through similar experiences.

Multiple studies have concluded that women taking childbirth classes are more likely to give birth vaginally; however, they may also increase their odds for elective obstetric interventions such as labor induction/augmentation and epidural anesthesia use for pain relief (Chalmers & Kingston 2009).

Infant Care

Many hospitals, community centers and houses of worship offer infant care classes for expecting parents. These courses can help expecting parents learn some of the fundamentals of caring for their new baby – like how to bathe, diaper, swaddle and comfort them, as well as safe sleep practices.

Most classes also teach how to recognize infant cues such as hunger, yawning and burping and help your baby relax into his or her sleep. You will also gain knowledge regarding baby safety issues and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Dads Adventure provides an online class in infant care that features videos of real dads demonstrating essential aspects such as swaddling, diapering, bottle feeding and rocking. Unlike most infant care classes offered online or through registered nurses or physicians.

Postpartum Care

Postpartum care should include adequate rest and nutrition during this six to eight-week postpartum period; prenatal classes can assist moms in being prepared for this time and learn how to take good care of themselves during gestation and afterwards.

Prenatal care classes provide opportunities for mothers-to-be to learn the ropes of breastfeeding their babies or obtain information regarding CPR and car seat safety for infants. Furthermore, such classes allow new mothers to form meaningful bonds with others who share similar experiences, providing much-needed comfort during an otherwise uncomfortable experience.

Group prenatal care programs may allow pregnant women more face time with their care providers than standard individual appointments can, which could potentially improve prenatal outcomes. Furthermore, group care can be implemented according to each practice or health system’s preferences and needs.


Grandparents often expect little in return for their assistance but can have an incredible effect on new parents by helping to ease transitional stressors such as changing routines.

Grandparents often feel uncertain of their roles in a child’s life (Blechman, 1991). Information from new parents may be limited or inconsistent while loving suggestions could be seen as criticism or interference by them (Maloni, McIndoe & Rubenstein 1987).

Grandparents must know how to assist parents as they navigate the responsibilities associated with parenting a newborn, so taking a prenatal care class can give them all of the skills needed to help their grandchildren flourish. Many courses can be found online or locally and typically last from one to three hours.


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