KFC Menu Prices

KFC offers a wide range of menu items, including not only their famous fried chicken but also a variety of sides, sandwiches, wraps, and desserts. Whether you’re craving a classic chicken bucket for a family meal or a quick snack to satisfy your hunger, KFC has something to suit every taste.

The menu prices at KFC can vary slightly depending on the location, but generally, they offer affordable options for both individuals and groups. The pricing may also differ based on the specific menu item and any ongoing promotions or special offers available at your local restaurant. You can Get Detail Knowledge About KFC at Foodpricemenu.pl

KFC Menu & Prices

In addition to their classic menu items, it often introduces limited-time offerings and seasonal specials, giving customers even more variety to choose from. From spicy chicken options to vegetarian alternatives, it strives to cater to a wide range of preferences and dietary needs.

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KFC Prices 2023Price (£)
Fillet Burger3.99
Fillet Tower Burger4.99
Zinger Burger3.99
Zinger Tower Burger4.99
Zinger Stacker5.49
Mini Fillet Burger1.99
20 Hot Wings Bucket5.99
20 Hot Wings Bucket with 2 Large Sides8.48
Dipping Boneless Feast: 12 Pc19.99
Dipping Boneless Feast: 8 Pc16.99
Family Feast: 10 Pc17.99
Family Feast: 6 Pc14.99
Bargain Bucket: 10 Pc15.99
Bargain Bucket: 10 Pc12.99
Wicked Variety Bucket: 10 Pc19.99
Wicked Variety Bucket: 6 Pc16.99
Party Bucket26.99
Trilogy Box Meal6.99
Boneless Banquet6.49
Fillet Box Meal with 1 Pc Chicken6.49
Fillet Box Meal with 2 Hot Wings6.49
Fillet Tower Box Meal with 1 Pc Chicken7.49
Fillet Tower Box Meal with 2 Hot Wings7.49
Zinger Box Meal with 2 Hot Wings6.49
Zinger Box Meal with 1 Pc Chicken6.49
Zinger Tower Box Meal with 2 Hot Wings7.49
Zinger Tower Box Meal with 1 Pc Chicken7.49
Fillet Burger Meal4.99
Zinger Burger Meal4.99
Fillet Tower Burger Meal5.99
Zinger Tower Burger Meal5.99
Zinger Stacker Meal6.49
Vegan Burger3.99
Vegan Burger with a Drink4.49
Mighty Bucket for One6.99
Boneless Meal: 4 Pc6.49
Bonless Meal: 3 Pc4.99
Colonel’s Meal: 3 Pc4.99
Colonel’s Meal: 2 Pc4.49
Large Popcorn Chicken Meal5.29
Regular Popcorn Chicken Meal4.29
Hot Wings Meal: 10 Pc6.49
Hot Wings Meal: 6 Pc4.99
Twister Wrap3.99
Twister Wrap Meal4.99
Twister Wrap Box Meal with 1 Mini Fillet6.49
Original Recipe Ricebox4.49
Original Recipe Ricebox & Drink4.99
Original Recipe Ricebox with extra Fillet5.49
Original Recipe Ricebox with extra Fillet & Drink5.99
Zinger Ricebox4.49
Zinger Ricebox & Drink4.99
Zinger Ricebox with extra Zinger5.49
Zinger Ricebox with extra Zinger & Drink5.99
Veggie Ricebox4.49
Veggie Ricebox & Drink4.99
Original Recipe Salad Box3.79
Original Recipe Salad Box with a Drink4.29
Original Recipe Salad Box with extra Fillet4.79
Original Recipe Salad Box with extra Fillet & Drink5.29
Zinger Salad Box3.79
Zinger Salad Box with a Drink4.29
Zinger Salad Box with extra Zinger4.79
Zinger Salad Box with extra Zinger & Drink5.29
Plain Salad3.79
Plain Salad & Drink4.29
Hot Wings0.99
Hot Wings: 3 Pc1.59
Sweet Chilli Dipped Bites1.99
Kansas BBQ Dipped Bites1.99
Mini Fillet1.49
Small Popcorn Chicken1.99
Regular Popcorn Chicken3.29
Large Popcorn Chicken4.29
Boneless Chicken with Dip: 3 Pc3.99
Boneless Chicken with Dip: 4 Pc5.49
Original Recipe Chicken: 1 Pc1.99
Original Recipe Chicken: 2 Pc3.49
Original Recipe Chicken: 3 Pc4.19
Original Recipe Chicken: 6 Pc7.99
Original Recipe Chicken: 8 Pc9.99
Original Recipe Chicken: 12 Pc13.99
Gravy Mega Box3.99
Mini Fillet Burger1.99
Flamin’ Snack Wrap1.99
BBQ Snack Wrap1.99
Snack Box Popcorn Chicken1.99
Snack Box with Mini Fillet1.99
Snack Box Original Recipe Chicken1.99
Snack Box Hot Wings1.99
Flamin’ All Stars2.99
BBQ All Stars2.99
Regular Fries1.49
Large Fries1.99
Regular Gravy1.49
Large Gravy1.99
Regular Beans1.49
Large Beans1.99
Corn Cob: 1 Pc1.49
Corn Cob: 2 Pc1.99
Regular Coleslaw1.49
Large Coleslaw1.99
Regular Southern Rice1.49
Large Southern Rice1.99
Regular Creamy Mash1.49
Large Creamy Mash1.99
Regular Garden Salad1.49
Large Garden Sald1.99
Supercharger Dip0.30
Sweet Chilli Dip0.30
Real Tomato Dip0.30
Smokey BBQ Dip0.30
Garlic Buttermilk Mayo Dip0.30
Chocolate Sundae1.49
Mini Chocolate Sundae0.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie0.99
White Chocolate Cookie0.99
4 Cookies3.00
Mini Burger Kid Bucket2.99
Mini Fillet Kids Bucket2.99
Popcorn Chicken Kids Bucket2.99
Regular Pepsi Max1.29
Watermelon & Lime Southern Refreshers1.49
Regular Diet Pepsi1.29
Regular Tango1.29
Regular 7UP Free1.29
Regular Lipton Peach1.29
Regular Robinsons1.29
Regular Pepsi Cherry Max1.29
Tropicana Orange 250ML1.49
Apple & Blackcurrant Fruit Shoot0.80
Orange Fruit Shoot0.80
Still Water 500ML0.99
Sparkling Water 500ML0.99
Pepsi Max 1.5L Bottle2.29
Diet Pepsi 1.5L Bottle2.29
Tango 1.5L Bottle2.29
7UP Free 1.5L Bottle2.29
Oreo Krushems1.99
Milkybar Krushems1.99
Maltesers Krushems1.99
Twinings Everyday Tea1.09
Black Americano1.59
White Americano1.59
Hot Chocolate1.79
Double Espresso0.99

FAQs About KFC Menu

What are the options for vegetarians on the KFC menu?

They offers a vegetarian alternative called the “Beyond Fried Chicken.” It is a plant-based chicken substitute made from Beyond Meat. This option provides a meat-free choice for vegetarians who still want to enjoy the flavors of KFC.

Are there any gluten-free options available on the KFC menu?

Unfortunately, it does not have any certified gluten-free items on their menu. Most of their menu items contain gluten due to the breading and preparation methods used for their chicken.

Does KFC offer any healthier menu choices?

They introduced several menu items that cater to customers seeking healthier options. They offer grilled chicken as an alternative to the traditional fried chicken. Additionally, they have salads, such as the Caesar and House salads, which provide a lighter choice for those watching their calorie intake.

Can I customize my order?

Yes, customization options for some of their menu items. You can often choose between different sauces, add or remove ingredients, or request specific preparations. However, not all items on the menu are customizable, so it’s best to check with your local KFC restaurant for specific customization options.

Are there any vegan options available?

 While KFC does not have dedicated vegan options on their menu, some locations may offer vegan-friendly sides such as corn on the cob, green beans, or potato wedges. However, it’s essential to note that these items may be prepared in the same kitchen as animal-based products, so cross-contamination is possible.

Are there any family meal options available at KFC?

Yes, KFC offers various family meal options to accommodate larger groups. They typically include a combination of chicken, sides, and drinks, making it convenient and affordable for families to enjoy a meal together. Family meal options may vary by location, so it’s recommended to check with your local KFC for specific offerings.


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