Is there any travel restriction while on a Self-Sponsorship Route in the UK?

<strong>Is there any travel restriction while on a Self-Sponsorship Route in the UK?</strong>

As you know, the United Kingdom is one of the primary destinations for people from all around the world to work and study. There are so many visa routes available in the United Kingdom that allow non-EU citizens to enter the country and start their own business. One of the major visa routes in the UK available for the business professionals is the Self-Sponsorship route. This route is especially designed for the professionals with robust business ideas and establishment policies. However, if you must know that even if you acquire this visa route you must know that there are travel restrictions if you want to travel to non-EU countries. Here in this specific article we will discuss the travel restrictions while being on the Self-sponsored visa UK. 

What is a Self-Sponsored Visa Route?

Before going any further it is important to know what a Self-sponsored visa is in the UK and how important it is for business professionals and individuals with a desire to run their own business in the United kingdom. This visa route eliminates the requirement of having a UK based sponsor. This visa route also eliminates the requirement of a sponsorship certificate. However, while going for this visa route you will be required to establish or expand your business first in the United Kingdom and then you can sponsor yourself and enter the country. Under the Self-sponsor visa route there are other various types of visas such as Tier 2 general visa and Tier 4 general visa. Tier 2 general visa is required for the individuals with a job offer in hand and Tier 4 general visa is for people who want to study in the United Kingdom. 

What are the Travel Restrictions while Being on Self-Sponsorship?

You must know that the self-sponsorship visa route in the United Kingdom allows individuals to enter the country for work and study purposes. However, several travel restrictions may be encountered during the visa application process of self-sponsorship. Although these restrictions can vary depending on the type of your visa application. If you are going through this visa route you must be aware of several restrictions to avoid the hurdles of this visa route. 

  • When you apply for a visa under a self-sponsored visa in the UK you must know that it is essential to fulfill the visa requirements. You must provide the details of your business establishment, a job offer, salary package, and acceptance of a UK educational firm. It may also require them to travel to other countries as per their requirements. 
  • After fulfilling the requirements of the visa application, you may also be required to submit your biometric details to the UKVI. It includes your photographs and fingerprints. The biometric appointment generally schedules at any specific visa application centre. In some cases, you may also be required to travel to another country to complete your visa application. 
  • Some self-sponsored visa Uk categories, such as tier 1 investor visas, may require you to attend an interview with the UK government. This interview can be conducted in the UK as well as in your home country. 
  • The visa processing time for a self-sponsorship visa may depend totally on the category of visa you applied. Once you apply for this visa route, you must be prepared to get an outcome from the UKVI for few days. If everything goes well with your visa application process you may receive an outcome with in few days but if you messed up with the entire process it may take a longer period of time. 

However, if you experience any challenges during this whole process you can even take from an immigration solicitor in London. They can help you with each by each step of self-sponsorship visa. They can also make you aware from the travel restrictions that is applicable on people living in the United Kingdom with self-sponsorship visa. Their experience and compelling knowledge is all you require to make this visa application process successful and follow the travel restrictions to avoid the complexities of this visa process. 


The self-sponsorship route in the UK provides individuals with more flexibility and control over their immigration process, allowing them to secure their own job or education opportunities and obtain a luxurious living style in the United Kingdom. However, it is not that easy to do so as it involves a lot of processes that is required to be fulfilled if you want to establish your business in the UK market without any restrictions. People from all around the world want to settle here and that is why the UK government has implemented some visa rules and regulations for non-EU citizens. This is a complex process but can be resolved with the help of an experienced immigration solicitor. 

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