Top Indian Schools In Abu Dhabi For Class 6 Admission

Top Indian Schools In Abu Dhabi For Class 6 Admission

Abu Dhabi is like a second home to Indians, considering that there are so many of them who live there. The emirate offers them the best of high-paying jobs and a high standard of living. They on their part contribute immensely to the economy of Abu Dhabi.

Commensurate with the large number of Indians living in the Emirate, Abu Dhabi boasts a large number of world-class Indian schools that cater to the educational requirements of the children of Indian ex-pats living in Abu Dhabi. 

Let us take a look at the top Indian schools in Abu Dhabi providing class 6 admission. 

1. Global Indian International School Abu Dhabi

Global Indian International School Abu Dhabi is one of the leading international Indian schools in the region providing world-class K to 12 education to its students. It is part of the GIIS chain of international schools and boasts a world-class campus equipped with the best of facilities and amenities. The teachers employed by the school are some of the best anywhere. The school follows the Global Montessori Plus and CBSE curricula. 

GIIS Abu Dhabi is very popular with the Indian ex-pats living in the emirate on account of its Indian ethos. The fact that it boasts excellent academic results, as well as good college and university placements for its students, adds to its allure.

2. Abu Dhabi Indian Private School

Providing a brilliant environment of holistic all-around growth and development for its students, Abu Dhabi Indian Private School has more than 4700 students across its KG to grade 5 and grade 6 to grade 12 sections. The school offers the full CBSE curriculum to its students, which makes it very appealing to Indian students planning to go to India for their higher studies after completing their schooling.

The school has 310 teachers who are known to be some of the best anywhere. Abu Dhabi Indian Private School provides every facility and amenity expected from a leading school and this is reflected in the excellent performance of its students in academics and extracurricular activities. 

3. Bright Riders School Abu Dhabi

Located in Mohammed bin Zayed City, Abu Dhabi, Bright Riders School is a very highly regarded K to 12 CBSE school, very popular with the Indian community living in the Emirate. The school provides every facility and amenity necessary to be given to the students to ensure that they receive a world-class holistic education. The teachers employed by the school too are highly qualified and experienced. The school not only boasts excellent results but also ensures that its students grow and develop into well-rounded individuals capable of holding their own in any part of the country.

4. Dunes International School

Dunes International School is another popular Abu Dhabi school catering to the educational needs of ex-pat Indian children living in the emirate. The school has about 1100 students most of whom are in the KG and primary sections. The school leaves no stone unturned in providing the students the right kind of ethos and environment to grow and develop in the best possible manner.

It has superlative infrastructure as well as teachers who are out of the top drawer. Every student gets the chance to perform to the best of their potential both in the classroom and on the playfield. Besides, the school also has a counselor who advises students on university and career issues, apart from providing them with the necessary emotional support.


If Abu Dhabi is renowned around the world for its wealth, economic progress, and high standards of living, the credit goes both to the foresight of its rulers and the large expat community who have over the years provided the required skill and expertise that made all of that possible. The contribution of the ex-pat Indian community in that has been significant.

It is not surprising, therefore, that Indian schools exist in such a large number on the emirate serving the educational requirements of not just the Indian expat community living in Abu Dhabi, but other expat communities as well. 

The years ahead are actually going to see Abu Dhabi emerge as a major educational center in the region, thanks to the presence of not just Indian international schools, but those from countries around the world. This augurs well not just for the expat children living in the region, but the children of the local host community as well.

Any nation that attaches a huge amount of importance to its schools is bound to have a great future, a fact that is absolutely true for the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The years ahead will see large numbers of teachers, scientists, doctors, engineers, and so on emerge from these schools and make their alma maters proud.


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