How Top Schools in Singapore Build Independence in Preschoolers

How Top Schools in Singapore Build Independence in Preschoolers

Young children love to do things on their own, we know it’s kind of a tiring affair to watch them do it and needs a lot of patience to see them completing it at their own pace. Sometimes it can get messy and you may feel like doing it for them but you should resist that urge and let them do it on their own, that’s when they will learn to be independent and self-sufficient. 

Here are some tips by Preschool Singapore to build independence in preschoolers 

Allow them to follow a routine

Kids learn to do things on their own when they keep doing things regularly as a routine, it is the one way they become more independent. For eg:- Doing a set of activities in school, eating and sharing with friends, learning and playing together, taking care of their belongings and maintaining hygiene and following many other good habits, etc.

So you can ask your child to follow a routine, for eg:- waking up early, getting ready for preschool (make sure to wake them up early as possible so that they have enough time to do things at their pace), wearing clothes, eating breakfast, etc

When they come home from preschool, put them into the habit of doing things like taking off their uniform, and shoes and putting them in their regular place, washing hands and legs, wearing clothes and the rest of other simple things. Simple regular routines in Top Schools in Singapore help kids to do things on their own without any reminders and are the first step in teaching children how to be independent.

Allow them to choose as per their choice

Another way to build confidence in children is by allowing them to make their choice or ask them what they want to do. For eg:- Ask them which clothes they want to wear, and which bag or shoes they want for use. These little choices will put them into the habit of choosing things for themselves out of other things, it will develop their critical thinking and they will be able to make independent choices for themselves. 

Use playtime and allow them to take the lead

Playtime is another way where kids can take the lead. Give them puzzles, crafts, crayons or any free play activities as it will help them to learn to focus on one thing for a long time. Along with that they will also learn creativity and problem-solving skills. Children in Preschool Singapore enjoy their playtime sessions and learn a lot of new things on a daily basis. Teachers allow them to do things and give them enough time to explore and learn.

Top Schools in Singapore use “P-R-I-D-E” strategies to see positive behaviours in kids, you as parents can try these strategies at home.

  • PRAISE: Praise your child’s behaviours and efforts in order to motivate them.
  • REFLECT: Reflect on what kids say or ask. Repeating back keywords or phrases to your kid so that your child feels that you are listening and understanding them.
  • IMITATE: Give attention to their good behaviour or task they did and ask them to show you so that you can also do it or ask them to teach you. Focusing on the specific behaviour or action that you want your child to repeat and asking them to teach you will give them confidence and encourage them to repeat the behaviour.
  • DESCRIBE: Describe your child’s appropriate behaviour, using love and praise to reinforce the desired behaviour. Highlighting the behaviour or action helps children feel happy and motivates them to repeat that behaviour.
  • Be ENTHUSIASTIC: Enjoy the time with them by creating fun opportunities. Makes your interactions feel warmer and keeps your child interested. It is a powerful motivator for your kids to build warmth and trust in your relationship. 


From birth, children are on a quest for independence, so it’s your responsibility to give them the best preschool environment in the form of Preschool Singapore and provide them multiple opportunities to build a sense of confidence and develop a feeling of doing things independently.

And the most important thing is to let them know that you appreciate their efforts, their persistence, and their growth and encourage them to always keep trying new things.

Give them positive feedback, and attention in order to foster good qualities in them.

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