How to Run a Successful Business by Lamar Van Dusen

How to Run a Successful Business by Lamar Van Dusen

One of the difficulties of running a profitable company is that one has numerous ways to gauge success. Every company proprietor must develop and adhere to their distinct concept.

Many people associate success with profit. While short-term profits are appealing, long-term wealth and expansion are frequent objectives. It may also apply to personal riches and acquiring luxury objects such as homes or cars.

Evaluate their worth based on their capacity to solve consumer difficulties. Furthermore, according to Lamar Van Dusen, some business owners in the United States of America measure their success in progress towards a goal or ambition.

Revenue, which is profit margin and cash flow, impacts a company’s present and future. However, to produce value over the long run, firms must define success for themself.

Because the world is changing so quickly, techniques and practices that functioned in the past may not guarantee success today. Lamar Van Dusen says you might be beginning an enterprise for the initial time or trying to steer your existing one in an entirely novel direction. In any case, running a firm nowadays entails remaining open and absorbing an ever-increasing deluge of information.

Steps to get business success by Lamar Van Dusen

The steps below will assist you in paying attention to the aspects most important to business success.

Concentrate on the consumer experience

Customers and prospects now have more information at their fingertips than ever before. According to 79% of their support teams, customers are better known than before. And nearly 90% of leaders polled said their standards were more significant than before.

Treating your consumers has a more significant influence than the price you charge or products.

Lamar Van Dusen says the consumer’s experience is your first impression of them. It demonstrates your values and the extent to which you think about them. It influences how they think of your brand at every step and point of contact in their purchasing journey.

It means that firms must concentrate on each stage of the buyer’s journey. To build a fantastic client experience, you must identify the difficulties along that journey and offer new options.

Here are a few examples of how you can improve your customer focus:

  • Make a consumer experience a top concern by eliciting feedback from everybody on your staff.
  • Take steps to decrease friction and concentrate on what is most essential to your clients.
  • Examine your product experience via their eyes.
  • Resolve issues before they affect your audience.
  • Invest in your customer care team’s training and development.
  • Customers desire and anticipate an outstanding experience from start to finish and are willing to fork over higher prices for it.

A brilliant business concept

Every business begins with an idea. Some ideas are more dangerous than others. Some ideas are solid plans at present but slip away with time. There are several techniques you may use to come up with a concept that will help your company to succeed.

Begin with what you already know. If you have ever had a pastime or profession you love, you comprehend that every specialty is more complicated than it appears. As you study more, you better understand the delights and challenges that lie beyond the surface.

Next, you should consult with your local community. It’s a good idea to put your ideas to the test with a group of individuals, whether it’s friends and family members or an online group. The next phase might help you develop your proposal and identify relevant objections.

Finally, before you promote your business idea, you must conduct a study. If you’re hoping to produce something or offer something that people would pay for, it must be one-of-a-kind, helpful, and of excellent quality. That kind of concept might need some time to perfect before it’s accessible for buying.

Being adaptable and adaptable

Change is the only thing that stays the same, and for the company you run to thrive, you must adapt to the times. Flexibility is crucial when you must keep up with current trends or continuous technological improvements.

And adaptability is more than just helpful when changing products or marketing. Employee expectations and requirements will shift. Customer communications will be erratic. Continuing with what you know and asking others to change may feel more comfortable. However, that technique could restrict your capacity to achieve.

It can be challenging to adjust to change. However, embracing change with a beneficial and open mindset can boost efficiency, loyalty, and engagement. It can also help your company respond to fresh ideas quickly, giving you a competitive advantage.

Decisiveness and problem-solving creativity

Starting a business is fraught with danger. However, it is rarely the only courageous move you will take. Running an effective company frequently entails huge decisions and inventive experiments.

You need to consider yourself bold and innovative so that this part of company success may seem manageable. However, there are a few ways in which everyone may use creativity to improve company decisions.

Spending particular attention

Lamar Van Dusen says running a business requires much talent, work, and time. When your power sources become low, it isn’t easy to devote full attention to the individuals and procedures that require it. However, keeping awareness is what will assist your company to survive and thrive. It can provide you with critical insights which you may utilize to build your company’s reputation over time.


It’s also an excellent choice to look after yourself. Get some physical activity in, travel, and schedule a few moments through the day to rest or shift your perspective. There’s a reason why we are unable to take care of others because we don’t take responsibility for ourselves.

Similarly, Lamar Van Dusen says you will only be as productive in conducting your business if you have personal targets and strategies for your general health and well-being.


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