How Godspeed Workforce is Changing the Recruitment Landscape in Canada

Humans are the most valuable assets of any business. But most companies fail to attract the right candidate who can add value to their business. Therefore, you need the help of a reliable employment agency in Canada that can provide you with a wide range of hiring resources to help you find the right person for your team.

Godspeed workforce is one such recruitment agency that provides temporary and permanent staffing solutions in Canada. They help businesses conduct a smooth and seamless hiring process and help them minimize loss of time and productivity.

The Most Common Recruiting Challenges Faced by Businesses Today

1. Hiring Candidates Who are Perfect for the Role

In the rush to fill in positions quickly, companies can attract the wrong candidates who do not have the required qualifications and experience. The recruitment department may choose any random person that they find at the time and not necessarily the best fit for the position.

They struggle with focusing on the quality of the candidate instead of the number of candidates.

2. Lack of Time to Focus on Hiring Candidates

The most common challenge that companies across the world face is not finding the time  able to hire candidates in the required time frame. Vacant positions can cause a delay in operations and loss of resources like money.

The team heads can put unacceptable pressure on the human resources department which can affect the sequence of recruitment operations. This is where a recruitment agency can extend a helping hand to solve problems regarding shortage of qualified candidates.

3. Hassles of Collecting and Making Use of Data

The difficulty of collecting and tracking data entrance is one challenge that businesses face when it comes to hiring. They are unable to take advantage of recruitment data and metrics due to the time and efforts needed in processing data.

An employment agency has the required expertise and techniques to compile and organize data to streamline the different hiring operations.

4. Conducting a Quick and Efficient Recruitment Process

Hiring might sound like an easy process where you just have to understand if a candidate is the right fit and select them for the position. But things are not so simple. You need to have a recruitment team with professionals who have excellent communication skills and can evaluate candidates quickly.

They have to coordinate each step of the recruitment process and handle administrative tasks like conducting interviews. All of these operations are conducted in the most efficient manner if you approach an employment agency in Canada.

How Does Godspeed Help You Overcome These Challenges?

Godspeed Workforce is not just your usual recruitment agency. They stand apart from other employment agencies in Canada due to the following reasons

  • They provide exceptional hiring experiences with the help of real recruiters. Robots can help you execute your recruitment process within the shortest time possible. But you need real humans to solve human problems. Godspeed has real recruiters dispatchers and account managers to assist you in hiring processes. They are experienced specialists who have worked with companies across different industries to provide you the most reliable and practical solutions. You can execute all your recruitment goals at any scale through the central recruitment management service that they provide.
  • They offer the highest levels of flexibility and scalability to provide customised recruitment solutions. Get unmatched levels of fulfilment by working with Godspeed as they provide both contingent and permanent staffs. You can easily hire seasonal and contract workers as well as get permanent staffing solutions according to your requirements. Their recruitment experts are always available to quickly identify problems and recommend solutions to fulfil your demands on time.
  • They add value to your business by providing the right talent. Godspeed workforce makes use of the latest technologies and softwares to provide you information about the most accurate fit for your role. They connect you with the right candidate with the required qualifications and experience. The hiring professionals at this agency make use of the right resources to automate screening, vetting, hiring, and payroll duties. Thus, they help you save time and stop you from spending unnecessarily on costly industrial trainings.

What is the Hiring Process of an Employment Agency in Canada?

Each employment agency in Canada makes use of different methods to conduct their recruiting process. Godspeed workforce follows the traditional method of screening, recruiting, sending over the finalised candidates, and providing after-hire services.

1. Screening

The recruiters at Godspeed understand that hiring the right person for a specific position in your business is important in its success. They go through strict processes of reviewing the minimum qualifications and the references that they get for each candidate.

They also verify legal documentations and the backgrounds of potential employees.

2. Recruiting the Right Candidates

They work closely with businesses through their wide network  and find the right set of people for their staffing needs. They make use of well organised data to find and provide you the best candidates in the market.

3. Scheduling and Coordinating Interviews

The clients do not have to worry about conducting long meetings and interviews for hundreds of candidates per day. It can be disappointing to find that you have not yet found the right fit for the role.

Godspeed saves you some time by scheduling and conducting all the interviews to provide you the most qualified candidates for the particular position.

4. After-Hire Services

The hiring process at this agency does not end with the interview and finalization of the candidate. They provide a No Shows management service by ensuring a high percentage of fulfilment in case of no shows.

They also make use of specific tools and KPI metrics to see the effects of their recruitment services in your business. The recruitment experts identify key areas of improvement and use them to develop their solutions.

Contact Godspeed Workforce right away to hire valuable human resources and accelerate your business growth!

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