How Do Heavy-Duty Equipment Upscale the Infra Industry Growth?

How Do Heavy-Duty Equipment Upscale the Infra Industry Growth?

The Infra industry, especially in India, has scaled massive growth for the past few decades. No wonder we are continually witnessing a widened skyline in several cities. One catalyst accelerating this development is the heavy-duty equipment. Yes, brands like CAT and Volvo heavily invest in R&D to manufacture best-in-class equipment with advanced features. Rightly so, the excavators, backhoe loaders, compactor, and wheeled loaders from these brands deliver high output.

Featuring Top 2 Heavy-Duty Equipment from CAT & Volvo 

CAT 950 GC Wheeled Loader 

This model comes with an operating weight of 18848 kg. This particular feature ensures massive work output at both construction sites. Additionally, the bucket capacity of 3.5 cum helps store materials in bulk at once. Subsequently, this allows operators to focus more on work efficiency. Besides, the high-performing engine of this wheeled loader can generate up to 202 HP. 

Hence, this functionality further increases work productivity. Moreover, the tipping load-full turn capacity of this Cat 950 GC loader is 10503 kg. The machine can also operate easily in compact space, thanks to 457 mm of ground clearance capacity. Above all, the price range of this model starts from Rs. 64 Lakh and goes up to Rs. 66 Lakh.

Volvo DD100 Compactor 

This is one of the best-selling equipment from Volvo India. Rightly so, the model features a drum width of 1676 mm. Such a wider width facilitates a range of activities, including leveling sidewalks, preparing sites for foundation, etc. 

Moreover, the engine of this Volvo DD100 can produce up to 130 HP. Furthermore, this model’s 189 Ltr of fuel tank capacity increases fuel efficiency overall. 

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