Benefits of Using a Fleet Management System

Benefits of Using a Fleet Management System

fleet management system software is a holistic platform that helps not just correct the maintenance of vehicles. But also secures assets. This means that it helps businesses ensure that the consignment under their responsibility is not damaged. In case a business ends up breaking or losing its consignment, they are liable to compensate for it in both monetary values and by losing its reputation.

The asset tracking solution ensures that this does not happen. But how? Let us learn more details about this solution through this article.

The Use of Asset Tracking Solution of Fleet Management System

Before we understand how asset tracking solutions are useful for any fleet business, it is very important to get its operations. Imagine your vehicle is carrying a very high-responsibility consignment (i.e. petrol, inflammable goods, or FMCG products prone to damage). You will want the best security for them, right? This is where asset-tracking solutions come into play.

This solution helps fleet businesses track the location of their assets. This means the elimination of any misplacement chance.

So what is a real-life use case of this solution? One very prominent example would be the logistics industry. When a consignment is shipped via multi-modal parks, assignments are vulnerable to being lost. But if asset tracking is at play, managers can ensure that goods do not get shipped to any wrong place.

Why do I Need the Fleet Management System?

This is a very valid question. The system is already tracking my vehicles carrying the consignment, so why should I use asset tracking and make things complicated? The answer is very simple. No vehicle tracking system will ensure that your assets are exactly where you expect them to be. A vehicle could be running empty and you will not realise this. Asset tracking gives an extra layer of safety to your precious goods. This can cut down your losses a lot as well. Some of the features this solution uses for safety are:

  • ETA and POD: These features ensure that your consignment reaches its destination on time and in good condition. Clients have to provide you with the QR code or OTP for the task to end. In case of any error, they can refuse to do so and managers will then dive into the situation. Drivers thus pay better care to their services.
  • Equipment Tracking: Not just consignments, the machinery used for your fleets is also a business asset. This is why the solution allows managers to track the location of their equipment to reduce theft. The agricultural industry can be an example where assets are employed on the field and require tracking.
  • Sensor Integration: Fleet businesses can integrate sensors with their assets to create efficient security systems. Door sensors will alert managers every time the door of the consignment is tampered with. Thus, the chances of goods theft can diminish, saving fleet businesses from trouble and losses.

Benefits of Using Asset Tracking Solution For Your Fleet Business

So how can your fleet business benefit from using asset tracking? In theory, this solution sounds very helpful, doesn’t it? Well if implemented and used properly, it is just as beneficial. Let us learn how:

Cuts Costs

When safety is enhanced, businesses can ensure that their assets do not get any damage. A business delivering damaged goods means they have to take responsibility. Thus, they have to pay for the damages and additionally compensate their clientele for the poor service.

Now imagine a large business carrying out hundreds of tasks each day. Even one percent of these tasks going wrong can be a huge hit to business profits. It can also be the cause of a business going under.

Increase Profitability

A business that is prompt with its tasks and keeps its consignments in good shape during transfer will naturally make more profits. How? First of all, managers will trust these businesses with more of their tasks. Running a safe fleet also means higher productivity for the fleet. When the fleet completes more tasks within the same period, their profits increase as well.

Features like ETA also ensure that task completion happens on time. This time efficiency on managers’ part also means that they can focus on optimizing other parts of the business other than just the fleet.

Reduce Theft

Real-time monitoring of assets will alert managers of any suspicious activity or displacement of an asset. Thus, pilferage by either the driver or an outsider, both are cut down. Fleet management systems also use sensors for this purpose, as we mentioned above. Ultimately, businesses can ensure happier clientele. Thai helps them expand their business even further.

Encourage Good Driving

When coupled with other solutions that this system has to offer, the asset tracking system becomes a complete package. Driver behavior monitoring solution ensures that drivers adopt good practices on the road to keep vehicles safe. This in turn means that the consignments these vehicles are carrying are also protected.

When drivers drive ethically, the vehicle accumulates less damage. It also consumes way less fuel. Ultimately affecting the fleet’s budget positively.

Boost Reputation

A business that delivers tasks accurately with no accidents will automatically strengthen its customer relations. A happy customer is the best ambassador for any company. Through word of mouth alone, the fleet business can expand its clientele. Asset tracking also plays a huge role in this surge, allowing fleet drivers to complete tasks flawlessly.


A fleet management system is slowly taking over the connected fleet industry. Asset tracking is a huge motivation for businesses to take this step toward a technologically driven world. After all, who does not want to keep their consignments safe?

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