Explore the Best Crane and Excavator from ACE & Volvo in India

Explore the Best Crane and Excavator from ACE & Volvo in India

Heavy-duty equipment are best-equipped to take up any complex tasks, including mining, construction, etc. In fact, cranes and excavators are two such popular product categories as far as any infra project is concerned. To substantiate, cranes facilitate the transportation of heavy materials to distant and remote places with utmost precision.

On the other hand, excavators aid in a range of tasks. For instance, digging, demolition, landscaping, quarrying, etc. Consequently, both these machines coalesce to accelerate work output by significant numbers.

Top 2 Heavy-Duty Equipment from ACE & Volvo

ACE 5040 Crane 

This is one of the best-selling models from ACE. Rightly so, the crane features a jib length of 50 meters. This feature, in particular, facilitates the transportation of loads from one work cell to another. Hence, this crane model is best suited for material handling & movement within a short distance.

Moreover, with 5 tonnes of lifting capacity, this machine reduces manual labor involvement. Additionally, the crane comes equipped with 1.3 t of tip load capacity, further increasing productivity. Overall, this model can reach a maximum height of 140 m, scaling new heights of work efficiency. Above all, the ACE tower crane 5040 price in India ranges from Rs. 24 to Rs. 26 Lakh.

Volvo EC480DL Excavator

This model from Volvo comes equipped with an operating weight of 53100 Kg. This massive weighing capacity ensures high work output. Additionally, the machine can produce up to 335 HP, thanks to its high-performing engine. Moreover, the excavator can dig as deep as 6580 mm into the ground. This particular feature ensures high work productivity at mining & construction sites.

What’s further interesting is the 15630 Kg lifting capacity of this machine. Subsequently, this feature helps operators load heavy materials at once with ease. More importantly, the price range of the Volvo EC480DL ranges between Rs. 39-41 Lakh.

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