Easy custom Washi Tape Ideas for Your Planner

Particularly on the off chance that you’re new to designing your organizer, things can a little overpower. There are so many incredible supplies you can use to add a zing to your organizer: washi tape, stickers, scrapbook paper, stamps, post-its, and so on.

Washi Tape Ideas

The choices are perpetual, however the financial plan is (essentially for me) not. I recollect when I initially began scrapbooking quite a while back. I needed one of everything. In any case, particularly on the off chance that you don’t as of now have a ton of scrapbooking supplies, things can add up rapidly.

I chose to try different things with a spread of my organizer to check whether I could finish seven days of my organizer with just washi tape. What’s more, since washi tape is so flexible, I had the option to get a ton out of only two rolls.

custom washi tape

I had the option to beautify my organizer for under $5 by utilizing a two-pack of  custom washi tape I found at Michael’s. With coupons/limits, I paid $3.14 for the pair, yet you could pay even less on the off chance that you utilized one of those half coupons I see regularly. The maximum at the hour of this post was $4.99, so you could get it for just $2.50 in addition to burden.

On the off chance that you’re like me, you’ll presumably need more variety choices and to ultimately add different materials (stickers, and so forth), yet it’s great to realize you can do a ton by beginning/going little and basic.

Also, discussing straightforward, I by and large like clean formats, yet you could truly add as much character to your organizer as you need. Go off the deep end. Try. See what you like. Layer the tape on, utilize a few distinct tones in the event that you need. It’s your organizer, so you ought to do whatever fulfills you since that will make you utilize your organizer and propel yourself to remain coordinated.

What is Washi Tape?

Washi tape is a beautifying tape that is extremely slight and lightweight and comes is a wide exhibit of varieties and examples making it extraordinary for organizing colors in your organizer embellishments. One of the most mind-blowing elements of washi tape is that it’s repositionable. I don’t suggest tearing the tape up excessively fast, however, since it can really tear your paper. Indeed, I took in the most difficult way possible, so trust me on that one.

Washi tape comes in many sizes, as well custom washi tape. The most well-known sizes I’ve seen are 10mm and 15mm. The size you need to purchase will rely upon where you need to put the washi tape in your organizer. I’ll list sizes underneath for the areas I adorned. I by and large like seeing the first marks, numbers, and different words in my organizer, so I for the most part stay with the more limited tape sizes to conceal less.


I’m wanting to do a different post/page of my number one spots to purchase organizer supplies, yet I get a large portion of my washi tape from create stores and Etsy. It’s quite simple to find. You can likewise look at my Organizer Design Supplies page for additional stock data and connections.


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