Devops Training Course in Chandigarh

Devops Training Course in Chandigarh

Choosing the Right DevOps Training: A Path to Success

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DevOps is booming due to the many advantages offered by this software development methodology. Find out what training to take to acquire all the skills required to become a highly qualified professional!

DevOps professionals are in high demand in the IT field. Their expertise is key to accelerating the release of new products and services through communication and collaboration between development and operations teams. This strong demand allows specialists to benefit from a high salary.

What are the skills required to become DevOps?

The DevOps role requires skills in programming, automation, continuous integration and deployment, virtualization, and container orchestration. With the rise of cloud computing, it is also important to master platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud.

However, non-technical skills and “soft skills” are also essential. This includes a talent for communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

The different types of training

There is a wide variety of DEVOPS Training in Chandigarh, as shown below:

First, there are many dedicated courses on online learning platforms and other MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

In addition, it is also possible to follow face-to-face training in schools, universities, or even vocational training centers.

There are several main categories of courses dedicated to this discipline. For example, SAFeDevOps courses are developed using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) methodology, focused on scaling lean and agile practices for large distributed organizations.

The concepts covered by this type of training are the optimization and mapping of value streams, Agile release processes, the CALMR approach, CI/CD, or continuous testing and security.

SAFeDevOps training courses are ideal for becoming a developer, engineer, release manager, Scrum Master, or product manager.

On the contrary, ICAgile training (International Consortium of Agile) addresses DevOps without attachment to a specific framework.

They allow you to acquire generalist skills allowing you to move from the Waterfall method to Agile and to master DevOps practices such as CI/CD and continuous testing.

The entire ICAgile learning path consists of four certifications: Agile Fundamentals, DevOps Foundations, DevOps Implementation, and DevOps Expert.

IT professionals can also opt for the many existing DevOps certifications, allowing them to validate their skills and expertise.

Among the most popular are the certifications offered by AWS and Microsoft Azure, as well as the DCA of Docker, the CKA of Kubernetes, and the Puppet and Red Hat certifications.

Training TypeDescription
Online CoursesAccessible and flexible, these courses cover various DevOps concepts and practices.
Face-to-Face TrainingOffered by schools, universities, and vocational centers, providing hands-on learning.
SAFeDevOpsFocuses on scaling lean and agile practices, optimization of value streams, and more.
ICAgileCovers generalist skills, transitioning from Waterfall to Agile, CI/CD, and testing.
Vendor CertificationsOffered by AWS, Microsoft Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet, Red Hat, and others.
Intensive Online BootCampFast-paced training programs for rapid skill acquisition, suitable for time flexibility.

How to choose DevOps training?

To choose the right Devops Training in Chandigarh, the most important thing is to clearly define your objectives. It can be retraining as a DevOps professional or simply to enrich your skillset for your current career.

Other criteria, such as availability and budget, must also be taken into account. If you already exercise activity, it is better to choose a continuing education whose schedule will adapt to your constraints.

On the contrary, if you have time and want to train very quickly, an intensive online BootCamp can be an optimal solution.

In addition, the choice must take into account the level of expertise since there are courses for beginners, and intermediates, and confirmed professionals.

DevOps and Future prospects

As practices change and new technologies emerge, the role of DevOps is set to evolve over the next few years.

In addition to cloud computing, artificial intelligence is increasingly important. For example, MLOps marrying DevOps and Machine Learning is booming.

Therefore, professionals must be ready to follow trends and update their skills regularly by continuing to train throughout their careers.


DevOps is a rapidly growing field with immense career opportunities. To embark on a successful DevOps journey, it’s crucial to choose the right training that aligns with your objectives and provides the necessary technical and non-technical skills. Skills in programming, automation, continuous integration and deployment, cloud platforms, and collaboration are essential. Embrace the evolving landscape of DevOps, including technologies like AI and MLOps, and commit to continuous learning for sustained professional growth.


What are the essential skills required for a DevOps role?

DevOps professionals need a combination of technical skills like programming, automation, cloud platforms, and container orchestration, as well as non-technical skills such as communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

How can I choose the right DevOps training course?

To choose the right DevOps training, first, define your objectives and career goals. Consider factors like availability, budget, and expertise level. Research different training options, including specialized courses like SAFe DevOps and generalist programs like ICAgile. Also, explore vendor certifications like AWS and Microsoft Azure. Select a training course that best aligns with your objectives and provides the necessary skills and knowledge for your DevOps journey.


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