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The United Arab Emirates or the UAE is one of the wealthiest Arab countries. The luxurious city of Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE. The rich city of Dubai is also located in the country. The UAE is known for its glamorous lifestyle and sparkly nightlife. And so, many people around the world want to organize their special events there.

UAE Destination Management Company

The most popular tourist spots in the UAE are Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, Burj Al Arab, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the Dubai Fountain, etc. So, if you are planning to organize your event in the United Arab Emirates and thinking of hiring a destination management company to do all the responsibilities on your behalf then it is going to be a tricky task.

Finding a good destination management company is never an easy task. An irresponsible destination management company can completely ruin your event. There are 6 things you should look for in a destination management company.

The 6 Things for Destination Management Company

These are tips you should know:

  1. They know the country very well. They usually have a large network of connections with multiple vendors and service providers in the UAE. Even if some problem occurs, they will take care of it instead of imposing the headache on you. Even while organizing an event, they have better event management teams than the less experienced companies. So, it will be assured that your event is not going to get ruined.
  2. List of Services: Before choosing the right destination management company for yourself, you should know about the services they offer. The companies that offer a wide variety of services is always the best one. Because they have more options to make your event glamorous. The best destination management companies will offer you services like booking venues, transportation, booking stays, food caterers, arranging decorations, meet and greet service, excursions and day trips, parties, and many more.
  3. Some companies also arrange visas and book flight tickets for their clients. Always try to find the destination management company that will fulfill all your requirements so that you do not need to find another third party.
  4. Reputation and Testimonials: A reputed destination management company will always do its best to offer you great services. You should go through the testimonials they have on their website. You can also go through the reviews they have on different online platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. You can also book a destination management company through the reference of your friends and family.
  5. Portfolio: To know if the destination management company is enough efficient to handle your event, you should go through their portfolio. Ask them for photos and videos of the previous events they have organized. Enquire them about their previous works. If you think that they have already handled multiple events of the same level as yours, you can hire them.
  6. Local vs National: You must know if you are going to hire a local destination management company or an international one before signing the deal. Both local and international destination management companies work efficiently.
  7. International companies may have them headquarter in some other country but local companies have their headquarters in the UAE.
    So, the local companies have better knowledge about the country and more contacts in the United Arab Emirates than the international companies. Hiring a local destination management company (DMC in Dubai)can be beneficial for you.
  1. Licenses and Other Credentials: You should know if the destination management company you are going to hire has all the licenses and other credentials. It is for your safety. Any legal destination management company in the UAE has both a business license and the operator license. You should ask them to mail the soft copies of their credentials to you. Once being sure of their authenticity you should put your faith and money on the company.


There are many Event management company in UAE but you have to be smart and choose not only an experienced one but also an authentic company for your events. Or else the whole thing is going to be very risky.

You can hire FBT, a reputed destination management company in the UAE that has years of experience in managing destination events. They will take care of everything from booking your flights to transporting you to the airport. Many of us want to get our important event organized in the UAE. And it is a great plan. FBT will take care of all your requirements regarding the event.


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