Avoid These Habits To Keep Your Pod System Safe From Any Damage

This is an era of electronic goods, where even tobacco is available in electronic form. No more waste of paper and other materials in the manufacturing of traditional cigarettes when you can refill any flavor in a pod system. Just purchase it once and keep enjoying an extensive range of flavors. A custom flavors pod system manufacturer knows how high the demand is. You will never have to buy packets of cigarettes and get the same dull taste again. It is because of pod systems, which have a one-time cost, and charging recovers its energy. 

However, every electronic good has some limitations. Those limitations could be in the form of performance, safety, and consumption level. Though, it is not completely safe because nicotine is still in pods just like cigarettes. What makes it better is its smokeless consumption and toothsome flavors. What we are discussing here are some habits that can damage your pod system way earlier than it should. These are the factors you need to avoid. 

Using Cheap and Low-Standard E-Liquid 

There are two types of every product; good type and bad type. Similarly, e-juices are manufactured in different quality grades. Using high quality is always safe in terms of the health and safety of the pod system. A poor-quality of the pod will damage your throat as well as it will reduce the performance of the pod. After some time, you will experience a drop in the performance when its coil starts getting blocked. That is common with cheap e-juices, which are bad for your pod system. If you really want to experience some of the finest e-juices, you need to find a retailer who is connected with a custom flavors pod system manufacturer. Making e-juices of palatable tastes with less harm to your health can be done only by an expert.

Not Letting the Pod Cool Down by Continuous Usage

Every machine needs some rest and intervals to cool down. In the case of a pod system, you need to do the same. By not giving it breaks between each vape, you will end up dropping its performance. Its coil can not survive for a long time if you inhale it too much in a short time. When the pod starts getting heated up, stop inhaling it. Let the coil and its battery take some rest or they will burn out too soon. It is similar to an electric coil, which has some limit to heat resistance. Once that limit is crossed, it starts falling apart. Try to use it in a periodic way by giving it short breaks to cool down. Once it cools down, you can start vaping again. In that way, it will not lose its efficiency. 

The Battery is Getting Overcharged

Anything you charge more than its limit will be having problems in its lifespan. In the case of pod systems, people need to be aware of the consequences of overcharging. Their batteries are not very large, which means that a few hours are enough for them. Do not leave it on charging overnight because it will heat up the battery. That will be damaging your pod’s battery slowly. It does not happen when you rarely leave it on charging overnight, but when you often do. If you want to avoid this problem, it is better to charge it only for 1 or 1.5 hours. Plug it out as soon as the hour completes, and do not use a poor-quality charging cable.

Overfilling the Pod 

Filling e-juice needs to be precise. Be very careful when refilling the pod system. Do not hasten to fill it out because you might make mistakes. Overfilling can make the pod start leaking e-juice. This will make your fingers sticky, and the performance will drop quickly. What people need to do is leave space of around 5 % to 10 % in the pod tank. This will prevent any chance of leakage in the pods. You can reduce some quantity if you have overfilled it but do not keep using it when the limit is exceeded. It will be a waste of e-juice also. Avoid overfilling it every time you are going to do a refill.    

Sharing with Others

Try not to share your pod system with anyone else. No one likes to have germs or get any risk of having disease from others. You might not know what kind of medical problem someone has. Since saliva stays on the pod, it may cause medical problems for you. In addition, others might not know how to use or carry it. They might damage it in different ways otherwise. If you have an expensive pod with high value, you better keep it to yourself. If someone borrows it from you for a few days, do not give it. That person might not know how to keep it safe and refill it safely.

Not Cleaning the Pod Periodically

If you want to use a pod as much as its life is or even for some additional years, maintain it with care. Forgetting to clean it is a way of letting it deteriorate slowly. If you have spent a fine amount of money on it, it is your job to maintain it also. Without maintenance and cleaning, it will not be able to give consistent performance for months and years. Some people just throw it away in a few months when they don’t get the performance the way it had in the early days. Remember, the performance is directly dependent on its care and maintenance. 

Furthermore, there will be layers of mold and dirt on the pod, which will block its air access. This will obviously shorten its life. If retailers want to sell some really top-quality pods, they need to buy them from a custom flavors pod system manufacturer. This means they will get custom flavors to keep enjoying every fruity and confectionery flavor. 

That was all you could have read from here. Pod systems are durable but you need to play your role in keeping their durability above par level. 


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