Arborist Business Management Software: A Complete Guide

Spring is here! Along with cleaning the trees and pruning the outdoors, it’s also time to turn over a new leaf in your business. It’s time to clean out your paperwork and outdated business software. And instead, switch to the latest arborist business management software.

Expert arborists take no chances. Choose business management software that tree service experts rely on to handle work orders, scheduling, time-tracking, customer service, estimates, and payments all in one location.

Field Promax provides a 360-degree automation solution for arborist businesses. Sign Up Now.

If you run a tree service company or work for a contracting organization that hires arborists or tree care specialists, you understand how crucial it is to have the freedom to handle your job from the field. The truth is, even when you’re away from your office, you still need to get things done as an arborist. 

This is on top of overseeing other business operations, including organizing the sales pipeline, communicating with clients, composing business proposals, and performing tree inspections. It is rather easy for things to slip through the crack with so much on your plate.

And that is why arborist software solutions are becoming widely popular in the industry.

More and more arborists are choosing this amazing piece of technology today, and as a result, they are reaping huge benefits. 

If you are not getting enough advantages out of your existing software, or worse, if you are still using paper-based legacy technology, you are losing your position in the industry. So, it is high time that you leverage the latest technology. And your key to success, as mentioned earlier, is going to be high-end arborist business software.

Now, if you are not aware of the wonder this software program is, you have reached the right place. In this blog, we are going to divulge all the (not-so) secret know-how of this digital tool. Stay with us till the end to learn everything you need to know about this.

1. What is Arborist Software?

Arborist software is a technology that aids professionals in tree care by automating their regular tasks. It provides a common platform for managing clients, scheduling and dispatching, estimates, risk analysis, route planning, billing, work orders, and more.

Additionally, the software assists companies in ensuring adherence to a number of federal, state, and local regulations and safety standards, making tree service operations more secure and effective. Tree service contractors, arborist business owners, construction firms, landscape companies, and utility distributors can all utilize arborist software for their day-to-day operations.

Field Promax is the ideal arborist software solution for organizations of all sizes. Book your Free Demo to learn more about the features and benefits.

2. What Are the Main Features of Arborist Software?

Arborist software solutions are typically used to automate and streamline the entire business operations of a tree service company. Leading software brands offer several features that help take care of the daily operations, while some of them offer some advanced features such as third-party integration, GPS tracking, cloud storage, etc. 

The majority of arborist business software, however, includes the following features:

i) Scheduling and dispatching: Schedule job appointments, create work orders, and assign them to field team members.

ii) Maps and Routing: Finds exact locations of job site, get optimized route plans, assign job orders to field technicians closest to the job site

iii) Time-tracking:  Let technicians update clock-in, clock-out, and hours spent on a specific job to track field employees’ total billable hours and manage productivity

iv) Reports and Analysis: Generate comprehensive arborist reports to track important business metrics

v) Estimates: Use arborist tools as your arborist estimating software to create estimates and send them directly to customers

vi) Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Manage communications with existing and potential customers, store and manage all customer databases including addresses, work orders, quotes, invoices, job details, equipment information, invoices, and historical data at on a centralized platform

vii) Billing and invoicing: Generate invoices from the field and share them within customers to get paid on the spot

3. What Are the Benefits of Arborist Software?

Here are the major benefits of using arborist software for forestry businesses:

  • Centralized Database Management: Arborist software maintains complete records of your work orders, job schedules, equipment, and client details in a single place that is accessible only to authorized users. This simplifies data storage, improves data security, and reduces the time required to get data from various systems.
  • Efficient Arborist Scheduling and Dispatching: Automate scheduling tasks with advanced scheduling and dispatching tools. The digital tool provides a comprehensive dashboard to give you a bird’s eye-view of all your ongoing and upcoming job orders, show real-time locations, and thus lets you flawlessly assign the right arborist for the right job without any double booking, overbooking, or missed appointments.
  • Detailed Reports for Better Risk Assessment and Decision Making: The software program enables arborists to provide clients advice and direction with the aid of thorough site assessments and tree inspection reports. These reports provide information on metrics like tree health, current damage, problem regions, and pest concerns.
  • Better Team Collaboration: Every time a work order or route is created or modified, the software sends a notification via email or SMS. This keeps everyone in the loop about changes and keeps your technicians and clients informed. This way you never miss another job appointment.
  • Reduced Overhead Costs: By automating the entire business process, arborist scheduling software helps you save thousands of dollars spent otherwise in paper-based methods. It also increases productivity, eliminates risk factors, and increases first-time fix rates, reducing overall operational costs.

4. How to Choose the Right Arborist Software?

It’s important to make the correct decision for your company when it comes to buying arborist software. You can save thousands of dollars by eliminating unnecessary hassles in your business process with the correct software. Instead of adding extra stages to your process because your software lacks the features you need, you may just concentrate on the tasks that will make you more productive.

The inefficiency of using incorrect software, which lacks the functions you require, might result in higher system/file processing costs or even pure labor waste as your team must navigate all the useless software features.

To better explain this… Can you picture how your software can have a ton of functionality, but not really be addressing the unique needs of your company if you were in the tree care sector and utilizing generic software instead of specialized tree care software? Naturally, you’ll be spending a fortune on features that you don’t really need, which is neither feasible nor a smart decision. So, it becomes highly crucial that you choose a field service software solution that serves your specific business needs—at the best value.

Keeping this in mind, make sure the software you are choosing for your arborist business has the following features:

Other than these essential features, see that the software you choose also meets the following criteria: 

  • Fits your budget
  • Easy to use
  • Provides efficient customer support
  • Offers customization to meet your specific needs
  • Supports necessary third-party integrations 

Before We Wrap Up

At this point, we hope you have a clear understanding of what arborist software is, how it works, how it can benefit your tree surgeon or arborist business, and most importantly, what you should look for when buying a software solution.

This, however, has probably led you to another pressing question (if not the most important one). Which, then, is the best arborist software solution? Which software will give you the best features and the best value for your money? With hundreds of options available on the market, the task of choosing the right option might be challenging.

Let us make that task easy for you as well.

Currently, the best software you can have is Field Promax. Why? Let us explain.

To begin with, Field Promax does not just offer all the essential features mentioned above; it does the job better. It has a dynamic scheduling and dispatching tool with a comprehensive dashboard where you can view all your ongoing, upcoming, and past work orders in a systematic, color-coded format. This is accessible via computer and smartphone, enabling you to stay on top of your operations no matter where you are. Field Promax, Field Service management software also offers robust GPS technology, which enables you to track your field teams in real-time and locate the nearest arborist when needed. Besides the usual features, Field Promax also provides some advanced tools and functionalities, including QuickBooks integration and an integrated mobile app.

Furthermore, Field Promax offers one of the most affordable and flexible pricing plans to suit your budget and growing business. It also has the best customization options to create tailor-made automation solutions for your specific business needs. Despite all the advanced features, Field Promax has an unbelievably easy user interface with almost zero learning curve. Onboarding, troubleshooting, or any other issue—the expert customer support team makes it a cakewalk. 

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