Advantages of Including an Accent Table in Any Room

Small items, like the dependable accent table, can leave the biggest impression, whether they’re creating a striking statement or serving a practical purpose. They are a modest yet effective piece that shouldn’t ever be disregarded. Unfortunately, they are frequently jammed next to a sofa, armchair, or bed as a design afterthought. But there are many more creative ways to use this table that go beyond decoration. Here are the main advantages of including an accent table in your room, without further ado.

Advantages of Accent Tables

Accent tables play a significant role in many popular home design styles in addition to being utilitarian. Some couches would appear strange without them depending on their size and style. It provide several benefits, such as:

  • They tie the space together and finish the decor.
  • End tables enhance a room’s feng shui, or flow when appropriately placed.
  • They increase the surface space available to those seated on the couch and in nearby chairs.
  • Those who are seated have easy access to end tables.

No one likes having to reach for items that are on coffee tables because they are small and typically one foot or more away from the couch so that people have enough room to sit down. Because coffee tables are usually the focal point of family gathering spaces, there isn’t much room for anything else, therefore many people want to place things on them.

How to Incorporate Accent Tables in Your Space in Ingenious Ways

Many people restrict their creative efforts to specific pieces of furniture that they utilize as accent tables. We have come up with the following suggestions as some original ways to use It.

Make a Bookshelf Out of Your Table

What could be more soothing than reading a book in bed? How about one that goes with your current state of mind? Instead of piling books on top of your bedside accent table to fulfill your urge to read, convert an accent table into a small bookshelf so that you can easily access all the books you desire. This concept may not only be practical but also gorgeous, especially if you select books with colors that match your bedroom decor (one of the few occasions, maybe, where you can judge a book by its cover).

Balance Can Be Created Using Accent Tables

One of the most common placements for accent tables is on either side of a sofa or bed. By creating symmetry, this small addition may visually balance the area, giving it a finished appearance. If you’re particular, check that the lamps or decorative accessories that are placed symmetrically on top of the accent table are all the same.

Build Organization in a Home Office

Due to their small size, accent tables can make excellent (if not surprising) under-desk storage, especially if you select a design with shelves or drawers. Your home office will feel more organized and clutter-free if you put a small accent table behind your desk. This will help you focus more on any tasks that need to be done. To ensure that your accent table matches your desk, pair wooden accent tables with wooden workstations, glass accent tables with glass workstations, and so on. Just make sure your measurements are accurate; you should be able to comfortably fit your legs under the desk.

With reflective table tops, a space’s lighting can be improved.

It is well known that adding mirrors or reflected surfaces makes a room appear lighter and bigger. Apply this knowledge, but with a twist: instead of (or in addition to) hanging mirrors on the wall, think about adding reflective furniture, like the ever-reliable accent table, to bring in more light. When there is little natural light, you might still enjoy the extra glow the table reflects if you put a lamp on top.

Attract attention to a floral arrangement

Put your creation, whether it’s a little tree or a container of flowers, on an accent table to demonstrate your skill with plants. These stunning pieces of furniture are often positioned in the middle of a sitting space, so placing vases or plants on their surfaces makes them a charming focal point as opposed to an afterthought.

Finding the Right Accent Table

There are a few considerations you should make when looking to buy an accent table for your living area in order to maintain the look and style coherence with your vision. The following are some of the most crucial criteria to evaluate end tables:

Size: There aren’t many standards for height! Keep the top of your end table, give or take a few inches, roughly level with the arm of your sofa or chair, if at all possible. You definitely don’t want it to be too in-depth, though. Make sure the depth of your table does not surpass the depth of the nearby sofa or chair!

Design: If you have a wood coffee table, think about bringing in a cement or metal end table. To create texture in your space, combine various items!

Height: If you already have a large sofa, bring a piece with legs. If you want to balance some open accent chairs, pick a drum table to provide the space with some stability.

similar yet distinct As Jess once said, “cousins, not siblings,” is what you want your living room furniture to be. Whether it’s a color scheme, the era they’re from, or a structural element, has a similar theme flowing through your area so it has that same yet different sense!

We sincerely hope you have enjoyed reading about some of the advantages of adding accent tables to your room. While doing so will undoubtedly necessitate some moving around in your existing living area, we can assure you that doing so will assist give your home a lot more coherent, cozy, and elegant appearance! Contact Smart Furniture right now if you’re searching to buy any kind of luxurious accent table for your current living area.


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