8 Best Microsoft Dynamics Alternatives

8 Best Microsoft Dynamics Alternatives

Customers are the backbone of any business, making it essential for companies to learn how to attract, nurture and retain them. As a business owner, you know the value of constructing a firm concrete client base and creating lasting relationships.

It is sometimes a challenge to be energetic in customer relationship management while running a business. To release that stress, CRM software platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 come handy.

Sales team and marketing efforts are benefited to a huge extent by CRM software. A study conducted by Capterra Inc. found that 45% users of sales CRM saw an increase in customer retention. Additionally, another research run by Salesforce discovered that 68% of marketing leaders measure customer experience as a priority marketing KPI.

But the essential truth is, not every business finds Microsoft Dynamics 365 the end-all-be-all solution. That is why so many organizations look for the best Microsoft Dynamics alternatives available to meet their specific needs.

And that’s why we are here.

Below highlighted is a list of 8 Microsoft Dynamic alternatives which may work better for you. We’ll also include particulars about pricing, target audience and available Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and CRM features. Before feeding ourselves with different alternatives, let’s first learn what Microsoft Dynamics is.

What is Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is both a CRM platform which offers a suite of integrated tools to help businesses conduct multiple tasks and smoothly run operations.

This go-to CRM platform has robust capacity which include editable grids, sitemap designers and powerful Business Intelligence (BI), offering organizations complete visibility and control. The biggest perk of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM is that it contains an easy-to-use customizable dashboard which displays priorities and sales data in a single interface.

 Microsoft Dynamics CRM system also provides a wide range of cloud based business apps to support mobile device operations, enable sales and many others to work on the fly.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM features in demand

  • Customer data insights : Easy to use AI which discovers data and sales insights.
  • Customer service dashboard : Allows team to review its customer experience and find ways of improvement.
  • Real-time customer interaction alerts : Get immediate updates on important customer interaction with your business.
  • Unifying data : Centralize sales pipeline and data across all integrated application.
  • Versium Predict : Helps sales or marketing teams predict market customer purchases more efficiently.

Alternatives to Microsoft Dynamics 

1. ClickUp : ClickUp offers team collaboration and project management solutions so that sales and marketing teams could align and expand communication while staying up to date on tasks and data.

Key features : 

  • 10+ customizable project management views to visualize your sales pipeline and orders.
  • Its email integration platform integrates seamlessly with business.
  • Automates marketing campaigns, sales pipeline and more which saves a lot of time.
  • Simple client onboarding helps to increase customer loyalty and interaction.
  • Reporting and analytics tools to track and measure your KPIs.

2. HubSpot CRM : This CRM is great for small businesses. Additionally it provides accounting software to manage small business processes, communication, sales data and more. Its free and easy to use with plenty of comprehensive features for beginners and seasoned SaaS users and allows storage of customer data with visual cues.

 Key features:  

  • Drag-and-drop communicator for faster communication and collaboration.
  • Ticketing platform for top-notch customer service and support to clients.
  • Intuitive dashboard that gives an overview of recent KPIs and activity. 

3. Salesforce CRM : This CRM software provides all the departments of a company, a 360-degree view of the clients enabling yo to deliver personalized interactions. It provides their own company based mobile app enhancing team member productivity.

 Key Features :

  • Contact Management
  • Lead Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Marketing automation functionality for ease of CRM workflow setup
  • Send personalized messages to prospective customers.

4. Oracle NetSuite CRM : This software is similar to Microsoft Dynamics. Being a cloud-based sales CRM, yo get uninterrupted information stream based on lifecycle of customer engagement.

Key Features : 

  • Sales Automation
  • Customer Service Management
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Time Tracking
  • Partner Relationship Management

5. Pipedrive : If your organization’s sales team require a simple yet powerful platform for sales and marketing campaigns, then Pipedrive is the best choice. It has a minimalist layout that simplifies lead management. Immediately after signing into Pipedrive, yo will get an overview of sales and can hone into details yo want to get a move on.

It connects seamlessly to major service providers like Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo allowing yo to send and receive messages without leaving the CRM easily.

Key Features : 

  •  Email tracking
  •  Workflow automation
  •  Powerful API
  •  Sales reporting and analysis

6. Copper : For our list of alternatives, Copper makes the cut because of its comprehensive relationship managing features. This tool was created with flexibility being its main function. It combines collaboration solutions, analytics tools and productivity features, wrapping them into one convenient interface.

Key Features are : 

  •  Email open tracking
  •  Email templates
  •  Activity reporting
  •  Custom Fields
  •  Third Party integrations
  •  Goal tracking

7. Zoho CRM : Zoho CRM contains all features needed to streamline relevant business processes. It is one of the most flexible Microsoft Dynamics alternative commonly used for small business and start-ups due to its freemium package and cost effective upgrade. Is integration with third-party solutions is straightforward.

Key Features : 

  •  Compatible with more than 400 applications, including Zoho CRM, HubSpot, PayPal and Mailchimp
  •  Calender management
  •  Interaction tracking
  •  Email tracking
  •  Smart Chat
  •  Social CRM

8. Freshsales : Formerly known as Freshworks CRM, Freshsales CRM software is made for high-velocity businesses that require single point contact with leads. This sales platform allow teams to attract, manage and engage leads with an intuitive UI.

This software has powerful features like AI-based scoring, phone and email functions, customizable dashboards and workflow automation. Yo can easily integrate Freshsales with other solutions from Freshdesk, such as Freshcaller.

This software has an open API system, meaning yo can integrate it with apps usually used in a company like Google Calender, QuickBooks.

Key Features are :

  •  Advanced Customization
  •  Multiple pipeline management
  •  Intelligent workflows
  •  Lead Scoring
  •  Event tracking

Wrapping Up

So, what are you waiting for? With so many options, it’s obvious, you have plenty of choices. Each of the products comes with a unique set of features and you must choose the one that suffices your needs.

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